Busy Boy Mom Life

Please, tell me you Momma’s out there have a cabinet that ends up like this?!

I went back to work last year and this is the result. Lol. Today, I finally took the time to make it manageable. Sure, I’ve tried organizing it since going back to work. It’s just those nights unloading the dishwasher after the kids go to bed….. I find myself just tossing stuff in, slamming the cabinet fast before it all falls. Don’t judge me, people. I’m a busy lady. 🤪

Anyways, who’s ready for their kids to go back to school? Not me! (I know, according to Facebook, I’m the only mom not ready.) I’m so not ready. I like having all my ducklings safe and sound at home with me. (See? This is why my cabinets are unorganized! Ha ha!) I love where they go to school. It’s a small town. I know the teachers and all the administrators. Shoot, most of them taught me or my siblings! I just like lazy summers. No schedules or rushing to get to school by 7:50 etc. Oh, and I still have shopping to do! It’s so expensive!!! I did find some really cool Tupperware bento trays for lunchboxes. I’m excited about them. (Except the pink. This boy momma doesn’t need pink. ☺️) I think it’ll make things easier. They will give me more options for my picky eaters. Now….I need to buy the new lunchboxes. 😩🤷‍♀️😂

So, how’s your back to school shopping going for you public school people? I do admire my sister, the homeschool mom, every year around this time. Her kids don’t need a completely new wardrobe, adorable Nike shoes, name brand backpack, and lunch boxes! They can stay in there pjs until noon if they want! Who’s going to know? Their chickens and goats that’s who. Lucky people, I tell you. 🤣

So help me out. What’s your go to lunch ideas for your picky eaters. I need ideas before we conquer back to school next Monday!


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Friday!!! Friday!!! Friday!!!

I love the weekends! It’s nice to sleep in. My husband is home so, no alarm clocks. I’m actually laying in bed, thinking of all I need to do, as I type. Lol. I have zero plans as of now. It is tax free weekend so, I need to decide on whether to fight the crowds or not. My children do need things for the dreaded back to school. Is it worth not paying taxes? The tally is still out. ☺️

Thought I’d share some farm pics. I’ve got broody hens hatching chicks left and right still. They are so sweet and adorable. I’m weaning my last two bottle calves. I should have them completely off the bottle before the weekend ends. Our hog pups are adorable and growing so much. I captured a real life dog pile. (My favorite photo!) And….the smartest pup, eating out of his Momma’s bowl instead. Lol

My parents are in Florida so, I’m fish sitting. He’s a beta fish named, Blue. My youngest refused to eat his fish sticks on Monday. He said it might upset “Little Blue”. (Adorable and rotten. I know.) Blue is in my kitchen and quite nosey. You can find him following me, as I go about my chores, or as I sit down for a cup of coffee.

I snapped a picture of three of my herbs. They are really growing! Look how tall the peppermint is! I trimmed it after this photo but, it was really growing.

I hope you all have amazing weekends! Thanks for reading and following! I got my 100 followers notice this week! May God bless you all.


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Chickenless Mexican Chicken

I’m having to get creative with hamburger meat around here! We had a cow break her leg so, we have tons of hamburger meat. I decided to try Mexican Chicken without the chicken. Y’all, it was so good! I’m serious, try it! I didn’t get any pics while it was pretty. But, here’s what’s left for tomorrow’s lunch. ☺️

It may not look beautiful but, it was amazing. I’m a country cook so, I just toss things in. I will do my best to give you my recipe.

Here it goes!

1 pound of hamburger meat


Shredded cheese (I used half a pkg.)

1 can of corn

1 can of Rotel (I use mild.)

2 cans of mushroom soup

Brown your hamburger meat and drain. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl mix the soup, Rotel, corn, and 1/2 the cheese. Grease a large casserole dish and crush Doritos spreading along the bottom. Mix in the hamburger meat and pour mixture into the casserole dish. Spread it evenly. Cover the top with the remainder of the cheese. Then, crush more Doritos along the top. Bake for approximately 20-25 minutes until hot. (Try not to burn the Doritos.) ☺️

This recipe is very versatile. You may adapt it to make it your own. Enjoy! ❤️


Loading and Hauling

My boys and I loaded and hauled the rest of the hay out of the fields today. It was relaxing and fun. Probably because, the weather was cooler. We didn’t even break a sweat. I’m so ready for Fall! 😁

Have a blessed week.


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Sunday’s Are For Jesus (And Farm Chores)

Hey, y’all! I hope you all had a blessed Sunday. Ours was busy with Church, little traveling, and then farm chores of course. I thought I’d share a few pictures.

The first I snapped of a 16 year old and an elderly lady praying together in Church. It was so precious.

After Church, my youngest and I went to my parents home to get some of my granny’s things. My parents are generally her caretaker but, they are out of state. We also got my mom’s beta fish, Blue. He’s in the mug. (No straw, he could breathe. He’s safely in his tank now!)

Up next we have the farm chores. My oldest and my husband finished raking and baling hay today. I know it’s late but, our equipment kept breaking. 🙄 I’m so proud of my oldest. He has a bad ear infection and still wanted to help. (Swimmers turned horrible!) He’s a tough guy, I’d probably be in bed crying. lol


July Is Flying By

I really wish summer would slow down! I don’t like the heat and humidity but, I love my babies being home. I love the laid back schedule and sleeping in.

Farm news: I moved my two youngest calves into another little field. I wanted them to be able to eat and have bottles without the big guys pestering them. So, I scooted them over Wednesday morning and woke up Thursday to this. TBone found a bad spot in the fence and went visiting. He’s moved back over now and a fence post has been added.

My hens are broody and having chicks. Here’s a few chicken pics that I snapped today. This is the first time I’ve had a silky go broody and hatch. She had three chicks. Two are black and one is bright white. I didn’t get very good pictures but, they are still cute. The babies like stealing the grownup chickens feed too.

Yesterday, I ran to buy feed, picked up my oldest from the hay field, took boys for hair cuts, dr appointment for a oldest’s bad ear infection, and back home. Today, my youngest and I went grocery shopping, bought a couple school shirts, grabbed sonic, fed all the critters, and now….. I’m about to start supper. I’m ready for the weekend to end so I can rest! Lol. What have y’all been up to?


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Losing Hurts

We lost a friend that my husband has known over 30 years. Myself….I knew him 20 years. He was a hilarious jokester. He was the announcer for our rodeo family. He was a gentle giant. A kind ole soul; a cowboy. He died doing what he loved. A cow ran up under the horse that he was riding at a sale barn. It happened in an alley way. A dangerous situation in a dangerous spot. The horse flipped over on him, crushing him. Here’s a picture of our crew last year. He’s the goofy one up front.

We had his funeral yesterday. It was an emotionally draining week. We left the funeral, ate lunch, and took a nap. Emotional exhaustion, apparently it’s a thing. I’m thankful we had time to know Robert. Time to have him as a friend and “brother” to my husband. I’m thankful he was a Christian and he’s in a better place. Knowing him, he’s begging to rope God’s cattle on a thousand hills. Until we meet again, friend. Rest In Peace in a place called Calvary.

Here’s his last ride through the backroads of his small community. Notice the cloud hovering over the hearse? We thought that was kinda neat. It could only be seen after taking the picture. 😇❤️


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