Three Day Weekend!

I love nice long weekends! Three day weekends are so nice. You have a day to relax, a day to clean, and a day to worship with your Church family. Today, is my relax day.

Enjoying a Christian romance novel.

Don’t worry, I got toilet paper before settling in at home! Actually I went for groceries, but I was down to two rolls…. so I grabbed some too. We prefer the red package of Charmin, but our second choice will work in a pinch. Lol.

Marked safe from coronavirus.

Here’s yesterday’s egg collection cause I know all you farmers out there will appreciate how pretty they are. ☺️

Y’all stay safe out there from the coronavirus, and from the plot the media has going to sidetrack us from more serious matters! Please, my friends, WASH YOUR HANDS! (Not sure why we have to constantly tell people this, but anyways….do it!)

God bless,


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Cozy Chilling

Just a lazy Saturday in our tiny, cozy camper, which are my favorite Saturdays! I have cleaned, done laundry, fed all the critters, and watched entirely too many episodes of Good Bones on Hulu.

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Egg Gathering

We recently sold our house & property next to where we are currently living in a couple of comfy campers. We are loving our cozy tiny homes! (Of course, we cheated and made a washroom with a laundry area, freezers, and a full sized shower.) We’ve lived here since January 18, and just recently gathered our free ranging chickens from the sold property. (We had two groups of chickens that lived on the two properties.) We put the chickens from that property in a huge pen in our barn, until we “train” them to stay on this property. It’s nice being able to gather eggs without having to go on an Easter egg hunt. Don’t know what I mean? Here’s an example of our current property’s hens: I went to get hay for a laying box and found eggs in the hay in our horse trailer. You never know where you’ll find eggs of free ranging birds. Lol

I better go to the Washroom to switch out the laundry. A momma’s job is never finished. God bless y’all. ~A

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Camper Life Plants

Here are my plants that I have in our cozy camper home. My mom inherited my biggest plants when we moved, but I refused to part with some. ☺️

My Aloe Vera & succulents. 😍

Look at that little Spider Plant thriving. He was just a tiny cutting not long ago when I got him from someone.

Someone is starting to trail down pretty good. ☺️

This Vinca vine hangs in our rarely used shower. (We have a full sized shower in our shed beside our cozy home.) My mom made the hanger it sits in. 😍

I hope y’all have a beautiful Sunday! I’m headed to Church. God bless. ❤️


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Tiny Life Adventures

Our dog, Jingle Bells, has adjusted very well to life at a tiny house. She’s doing so well guarding everything like a boss. ☺️ (Excuse the ugly board, we’ve gotten so much rain!)

Here’s a picture of my youngest digging in the piled up rubble. We used a track hoe to pile the old stones and things up from an old house that had burned. Then, we were able to put our campers on the property where it stood.

Our boys are enjoying all the mud from the wet winter that we’ve had. Here is big brother pulling little brother out of the mud…. he got too brave and got stuck. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Boys will be boys!

Well, I hope you are all having a blessed week! I’m personally looking forward to the weekend. lol


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Living Tiny

Our house sold very quickly in December. We expected it to take a few months, but instead had to hurry so we didn’t end up homeless. We decided to move into two campers on another property that own. (Our 16 year old has his own “room” in the camper beside ours. Our boys are 7 1/2 years apart, & would have murdered each other in the same room. Seriously, Cain killed Able sort of scenario. Lol) So, we have been living in our “Cozy Home” since January 18th. Believe it or not, we are absolutely loving it! I mean sure that closet space is a tiny hot mess, but overall it’s going fabulous. Of course, we cheated a little. We set up a Bald Eagle Barn next to us with a full size shower, water heater, freezers, and a washer/dryer. This makes our lives so much easier! Hats off to any of you living tiny without nice amenities.

Any of my readers living tiny? Feel free to share your experiences with me.


#tinyhouse #camperlife #goingtiny

Thoughts on Going Tiny

Our house recently sold really fast. We have moved into a couple of campers. Here are my thoughts so far on moving into a tiny place after 2 nights….

*I love having my family close & all our evening chats at meals.

*I also like to have the kitchen to myself, which isn’t possible in a tiny cozy home. Let’s just say: there are WAY too many folks up in my space trying to give me advice on stuff I’m doing. #igotthis 🙄🤣

*Where in the cat hair are my steak knives & skillets?! 🤷‍♀️

*Whomever said I’d have to get rid of all my plants obviously doesn’t know me well. (Although, I do have two people plant sitting 6 of my plants until further notice.)

*The person who designs camper closets MUST be a skinny man with very long arms. For the love of all man kind, HOW am I supposed to get my not so skinny body to the back of that closet to reach my shoes?! #itsnotbeenpretty

*Cleaning this cozy home is much faster than a 2000+ square foot home. Hallelujah!!! 🙌🏼💃

*If you’re going tiny & you think you’ve downsized enough stuff, get rid of more. That donate pile is NOT big enough. Trust me.

That is all. Night y’all. ❤️

#GoingTiny #Tinyhouseliving #camperlife

My Vinca Vine

A sweet friend gave me a small piece of Vinca Vine in May. I placed it in water to grow roots. Here we are in August! Look at this thing! It’s gorgeous! 💕

My horse and a couple chickens are hanging in the background of this photo. Farm life is the best life. ☺️


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Operation Back to School Prep

Am I the only parent who starts putting their kids to bed at “school” bedtime, and waking them up early a week or two before school starts? Well, “Operation School Prep” has begun in our home!

Starting Sunday evening, I put my little guy to bed by 9 (our personal school bed time), and I woke him up by 7:30 Monday morning. It went perfect. He was happy and jumped right up. He did get sleepy on the way home from town later in the afternoon though. Day 2: I woke him at 7:15, & he was a little crankier, but I honestly expected him to be both days. (We aren’t morning people around here!) He did get dressed, brush his teeth, & started his day.

I know it’s only two days, but so far: I’m saying we’ve been successful. Lol. My oldest has a summer job on a ranch, so has avoided being tortured. We start back next Wednesday, so we don’t have long to get back into our routine! 😭 As a school employee, can we all just stop and throw a 2 year old’s tantrum in my honor?! Summer has flown by so fast! I’m not ready yet!

We do have most of our shopping finished at least. Yesterday, I bought the rest of the required supplies and backpack. I do need to grab some socks for my youngest, and the boys need new boots. I’m still waiting on a lunch box in the mail. Overall though, we are wrapping up the last minute preparations. Operation Back to School is 90% complete. Hoping to go 100% by Saturday afternoon!

Y’all have a blessed week. I’ll be praying for all of our back to school babies and staff.


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Spots For Days

Who doesn’t like a set of speckled pups?! Even if they were uh ohs! Lol. Here they are sweet and full of mischief. We’ve named them according to markings & personalities. (Except the last two random names my son is responsible for. Lol) We have: Punkin, Sister, Eyebrows, Trump, George, and Bill. They are blue lacy and catahoula cross. Even though they were unplanned, we think they are adorable.

#catahoula #bluelacy #puppies #Trump