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Losing Hurts

We lost a friend that my husband has known over 30 years. Myself….I knew him 20 years. He was a hilarious jokester. He was the announcer for our rodeo family. He was a gentle giant. A kind ole soul; a cowboy. He died doing what he loved. A cow ran up under the horse that he was riding at a sale barn. It happened in an alley way. A dangerous situation in a dangerous spot. The horse flipped over on him, crushing him. Here’s a picture of our crew last year. He’s the goofy one up front.

We had his funeral yesterday. It was an emotionally draining week. We left the funeral, ate lunch, and took a nap. Emotional exhaustion, apparently it’s a thing. I’m thankful we had time to know Robert. Time to have him as a friend and “brother” to my husband. I’m thankful he was a Christian and he’s in a better place. Knowing him, he’s begging to rope God’s cattle on a thousand hills. Until we meet again, friend. Rest In Peace in a place called Calvary.

Here’s his last ride through the backroads of his small community. Notice the cloud hovering over the hearse? We thought that was kinda neat. It could only be seen after taking the picture. 😇❤️


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My First Ipsy Experience

I’ve been wanting to try a beauty bag or box for a couple years now. I finally chose and signed up for Ipsy. The reason I settled on Ipsy: the adorable bags.

In case you don’t know, I’m not a girlie girl. I rarely wear anything except cowboy boots or Twisted X shoes, jeans and T-shirt’s. Basically, Sunday’s I dress up for Church. That’s it. Lol. I’m a boy momma and farm wife but, I love bags. (Of all shapes and sizes!) I wear makeup but, very light and natural.

I’m hoping Ipsy pays attention to my requests and doesn’t go wild when making my selections. They actually didn’t do too bad for my first month. There’s only one product I’ll not be using, the wing eyeliner. I’d look like a clown if I tried drawing on myself. I’m anti-eyeliner. Lol. Let’s check out what I received for my July bag.

I got a tube of Charcoal beauty mask, a set of blush, a blending brush, a lip ointment (or nipple/dry skin ointment for nursing mothers), wing eyeliner, and an cute blue bag. I’m excited to try the blush tomorrow and blending brush with eyeshadow but, so far the lip ointment is my favorite. I’m giving the eyeliner to a friend’s daughter. I’m a little nervous to try the charcoal mask. Have any of you tried it or one similar? I’m a simple gal, not usually into a lot of beauty products.

I’d better stop dreaming of makeup products and go feed my calves.

Y’all take care!


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Life On Our Funny Farm

Here’s some photos and craziness going on around here. First, the sweet hog pups are growing. They are eating good now. They loved the leftover soup I shared. My favorite pic is of them and their mommy sleeping. Is that not precious?!

My boys are enjoying summer. I am not one of those Moms who can’t wait for school to start. I like having all my ducklings in a row. Safe and home. But, less than one month school begins. Our school posted the supply list just this morning. *sniff, sniff*

I went out to feed my calves this morning and to check everyone’s water. I found a squirrel had fallen into the horse trough. Poor guy must’ve been looking for a drink. I scooped him out, dumped, and refilled the trough.

It’s never boring on a farm. Just last night, one of our dogs started barking uncontrollably. We went outside to find a possum in a tree “roosting” with my hens. Thankfully, we got him down before he started feasting on chickens. Spec, our older pup, got extra love for warning us of their danger.

Take care. Stay safe.

God bless.


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Saturday Night Adventures

Yesterday, my husband asked if I wanted to go to a small sale barn for a horse sale. So, off we went with our youngest son. I haven’t been to this little sale barn in several years. They didn’t have air conditioning. Let me add that its been around 100 degrees lately, give or take 5. It. Was. Incredibly. Hot. Miserable! We enjoyed watching the tack and horses sale. (My favorite part is the tack at horse sales!) We only bought a pair of leather split reins. The horses were very high so, we left with an empty trailer.

We got back home and had a message that a calf at the farm needed a shot. We loaded our horses and lights and took off again. It was about dark so, the hubby and our oldest took off ahead of us on horseback. They wore their coonhunting lights to see. My mother in law, youngest, and I followed in the farm truck with the medicine. They roped the calf and my mother in law stopped the truck along side them. I jumped out, handed over the meds, and held hubby’s horse. He administered the shot and baby was released back to his momma. We will keep a watch on him but, he seemed to be a little fireball. I expect him to be just fine.

I’ll include a few recent pictures of my bottle calves I’m weaning and some new hog hunting pups. Too cute not to include! I bought some feed on Thursday and my sons horse decided to try it while I carried some things inside. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

I hope you have a blessed Sunday and great week. The guys just left to finish bailing hay. (Hopefully, before the rain hits!) I’ve got to get a few things done and head back to church.

Take care,


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Catching Up

This past weekend, we went out of state. We traveled to work at a Chuckwagon Race/Ranch Rodeo. We enjoyed getting away. Everything went well. The bulls were crazy and tried ramming our horses a few times but, everyone is safe.

Our youngest son celebrated his 8th Birthday yesterday! Where do the time go?! It seems like he was just a baby last week. We have a party set up at a race car place Friday evening. He’s very excited. I’m hoping he loves it. Of course, what boy doesn’t love drag racing little cars? I’m sure it’ll be a big hit.

I hope you all had a great Independence Day. I’ve got to go get a load of feed in the morning so, I better get to sleep. Take care. God bless,


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Newest Plants

I seem to be enjoying succulents this year. I honestly never paid attention to any, except for Aloe Vera. This year, I can’t stop looking at them. Every time I go to a garden center, I find my self gravitating to them.

I decided to pick up a Snake plant too. It’s supposed to be low maintenance and purifies the air in your home. I think it’s wavy self is charming.

Last but not least, I bought my first rose! I’m hoping not to kill it. Lol. I’ve always loved roses but, I’ve never had any at our home or farm.

Do you have plans for Independence Day? We leave this weekend for a chuckwagon and rodeo event out of state. I’m trying to get all our laundry and packing done. Today, I finished our snack and drink shopping. I’m not sure where we’ll put everything but, we definitely won’t go hungry. (Hubby may kill me! Lol)

I hope all of you have a blessed and Happy 4th! Thanks to all the men and women who made it possible for us to celebrate our freedom. Hats off to you all. God bless America!


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