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About Heavenabovehorse

Just a small town farm girl who loves the Lord, family, & farm animals. ❤️ We are also recently new to full time cozy living in a camper!

Tiny Home Cooking

Sourdough Pancakes
My youngest helping with potatoes & broccoli one evening. (Like his Quarantine hair? Lol)
Homemade banana bread with pecans
Roast, deviled eggs, & biscuits.
Sausage & veggies, & an egg.
Hamburger steak, loaded potatoes, & deviled eggs
Steak, baked potato, & green beans
Grilled Steaks & zucchini

I hope you have enjoyed all my food pictures. The beef is from our farm, & the eggs are from my hens. Those of you who live in a tiny home or a camper will understand how magical these meals are. 🤣😂 Full meals are interesting at times living in itty bitty spaces. I love cooking meals & treats for my family, & enjoy the challenge though. I hope you are all staying healthy during quarantine time. Take care.


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We are the Church

Even though things are crazy in the world right now, the Church must continue on. Don’t quit serving the Lord just because your Church may not be in session as usual. WE are the church. We must carry on. Whether it be through online services, quiet time with the Word, or parking lot services. Share hope and keep your joy for those struggling. Don’t give up. Hang in there, folks.

My Pastor on Mother’s Day preaching in the parking lot.
My Mother’s Day rose from the Church.

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Quarantine Photos

My oldest wetting the hard ground before digging holes for my new flowers.
My boys helping me get the new flower bed finished.
A few perennials we planted.
Exhausted. lol
A work in progress.
Added flowers & planted a few seeds in an antique wheelbarrow.
We had more chicks born on my birthday yesterday.
Follow the “yellow” brick road.
We butchered a young crippled bull. Got him back today.
I’m thankful for fresh meat for my family.
My newest lavender plant.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures. Sorry, they aren’t in order completely. I’m still figuring out this updated version. lol. I hope your family is staying safe and healthy. May God bless your homes.


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Weekend Shenanigans

We had a great weekend! My youngest finally got to use his little survival kit from Christmas to build a small fire. He and I had s’mores together Saturday night. Today, after our online Church service (Hosanna! Happy Palm Sunday!!!) and brunch, we worked on two garden spots for me. Hubby also continued working on a shed to park our 4wheelers and BBQ grill under. It was a busy but blessed weekend. I still have a lot more garden work to complete, but it’s coming along well.

Garden spot #1

Putting the roof on the little shed.

I hope all of you have a very blessed week! May God keep you all safe, and His hand be with all you Essentials out there working! ❤️🙏🏼

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Quarantine Life

Is it crazy that I’m loving quarantine life?! Of course, I don’t love the sickness or the unknown. I’m an introvert though, so I’m absolutely loving being home. I love having my boys nearby and hanging around our farm. I love planting veggies and lavender. I’m enjoying the serenity of farm life and having time to breathe without chaos of a busy schedule. You’d think since we are living tiny right now, I’d be pulling my hair out. lol. It’s actually nice to have less to clean and worry about though.

B and our dog, Jingle Bells

There are so many people complaining about being bored and missing friends. This is what I was born to do, people! I was made to hide from crowds and chaos. I desire to be home in my comfort zone. I’m at peace here. I’m happy here. I am counting my blessings and actually enjoying life at home. It’s my thing. I do miss worshiping with my church family, but otherwise let’s do this home thing. ☺️❤️

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Quarantined Worship

Happy Sunday! Today like many others, our Church was closed, and only had online services. Our Pastor and his family recorded live for our congregation, since we couldn’t gather with them. We watched our church service via YouTube. I gathered up my guys and cooked breakfast, and we “had church” this morning.

Waiting on service to start.
Our Church on YouTube.

I hope you all had a blessed day. Stay healthy! God bless. ~A

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