Monthly Archives: April 2020

Quarantine Photos

My oldest wetting the hard ground before digging holes for my new flowers.
My boys helping me get the new flower bed finished.
A few perennials we planted.
Exhausted. lol
A work in progress.
Added flowers & planted a few seeds in an antique wheelbarrow.
We had more chicks born on my birthday yesterday.
Follow the “yellow” brick road.
We butchered a young crippled bull. Got him back today.
I’m thankful for fresh meat for my family.
My newest lavender plant.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures. Sorry, they aren’t in order completely. I’m still figuring out this updated version. lol. I hope your family is staying safe and healthy. May God bless your homes.


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Weekend Shenanigans

We had a great weekend! My youngest finally got to use his little survival kit from Christmas to build a small fire. He and I had s’mores together Saturday night. Today, after our online Church service (Hosanna! Happy Palm Sunday!!!) and brunch, we worked on two garden spots for me. Hubby also continued working on a shed to park our 4wheelers and BBQ grill under. It was a busy but blessed weekend. I still have a lot more garden work to complete, but it’s coming along well.

Garden spot #1

Putting the roof on the little shed.

I hope all of you have a very blessed week! May God keep you all safe, and His hand be with all you Essentials out there working! ❤️🙏🏼

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Quarantine Life

Is it crazy that I’m loving quarantine life?! Of course, I don’t love the sickness or the unknown. I’m an introvert though, so I’m absolutely loving being home. I love having my boys nearby and hanging around our farm. I love planting veggies and lavender. I’m enjoying the serenity of farm life and having time to breathe without chaos of a busy schedule. You’d think since we are living tiny right now, I’d be pulling my hair out. lol. It’s actually nice to have less to clean and worry about though.

B and our dog, Jingle Bells

There are so many people complaining about being bored and missing friends. This is what I was born to do, people! I was made to hide from crowds and chaos. I desire to be home in my comfort zone. I’m at peace here. I’m happy here. I am counting my blessings and actually enjoying life at home. It’s my thing. I do miss worshiping with my church family, but otherwise let’s do this home thing. ☺️❤️

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