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Quarantined Worship

Happy Sunday! Today like many others, our Church was closed, and only had online services. Our Pastor and his family recorded live for our congregation, since we couldn’t gather with them. We watched our church service via YouTube. I gathered up my guys and cooked breakfast, and we “had church” this morning.

Waiting on service to start.
Our Church on YouTube.

I hope you all had a blessed day. Stay healthy! God bless. ~A

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How’s Quarantine Life?

How are you holding up, Friends? I hope all of you are safe, healthy, and enjoying some family time. God bless those still working, especially those in the medical field and those delivering supplies! I hope your children are adjusting as well to being home as my farm boys are.

Working on his AMI packet
I seem to be handling the stay at home life ok.

We are enjoying a laid back life around here. We’ve cleaned, filled our pantry (no hoarding in our tiny house!), worked around the farm, cooked, & chilled. Overall, it’s been a great week of downtime.

Please, stay healthy by washing your hands and staying home as much as possible. God bless you all.


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Three Day Weekend!

I love nice long weekends! Three day weekends are so nice. You have a day to relax, a day to clean, and a day to worship with your Church family. Today, is my relax day.

Enjoying a Christian romance novel.

Don’t worry, I got toilet paper before settling in at home! Actually I went for groceries, but I was down to two rolls…. so I grabbed some too. We prefer the red package of Charmin, but our second choice will work in a pinch. Lol.

Marked safe from coronavirus.

Here’s yesterday’s egg collection cause I know all you farmers out there will appreciate how pretty they are. ☺️

Y’all stay safe out there from the coronavirus, and from the plot the media has going to sidetrack us from more serious matters! Please, my friends, WASH YOUR HANDS! (Not sure why we have to constantly tell people this, but anyways….do it!)

God bless,


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Cozy Chilling

Just a lazy Saturday in our tiny, cozy camper, which are my favorite Saturdays! I have cleaned, done laundry, fed all the critters, and watched entirely too many episodes of Good Bones on Hulu.

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Egg Gathering

We recently sold our house & property next to where we are currently living in a couple of comfy campers. We are loving our cozy tiny homes! (Of course, we cheated and made a washroom with a laundry area, freezers, and a full sized shower.) We’ve lived here since January 18, and just recently gathered our free ranging chickens from the sold property. (We had two groups of chickens that lived on the two properties.) We put the chickens from that property in a huge pen in our barn, until we “train” them to stay on this property. It’s nice being able to gather eggs without having to go on an Easter egg hunt. Don’t know what I mean? Here’s an example of our current property’s hens: I went to get hay for a laying box and found eggs in the hay in our horse trailer. You never know where you’ll find eggs of free ranging birds. Lol

I better go to the Washroom to switch out the laundry. A momma’s job is never finished. God bless y’all. ~A

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