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Camper Life Plants

Here are my plants that I have in our cozy camper home. My mom inherited my biggest plants when we moved, but I refused to part with some. ☺️

My Aloe Vera & succulents. 😍

Look at that little Spider Plant thriving. He was just a tiny cutting not long ago when I got him from someone.

Someone is starting to trail down pretty good. ☺️

This Vinca vine hangs in our rarely used shower. (We have a full sized shower in our shed beside our cozy home.) My mom made the hanger it sits in. 😍

I hope y’all have a beautiful Sunday! I’m headed to Church. God bless. ❤️


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Tiny Life Adventures

Our dog, Jingle Bells, has adjusted very well to life at a tiny house. She’s doing so well guarding everything like a boss. ☺️ (Excuse the ugly board, we’ve gotten so much rain!)

Here’s a picture of my youngest digging in the piled up rubble. We used a track hoe to pile the old stones and things up from an old house that had burned. Then, we were able to put our campers on the property where it stood.

Our boys are enjoying all the mud from the wet winter that we’ve had. Here is big brother pulling little brother out of the mud…. he got too brave and got stuck. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Boys will be boys!

Well, I hope you are all having a blessed week! I’m personally looking forward to the weekend. lol


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Living Tiny

Our house sold very quickly in December. We expected it to take a few months, but instead had to hurry so we didn’t end up homeless. We decided to move into two campers on another property that own. (Our 16 year old has his own “room” in the camper beside ours. Our boys are 7 1/2 years apart, & would have murdered each other in the same room. Seriously, Cain killed Able sort of scenario. Lol) So, we have been living in our “Cozy Home” since January 18th. Believe it or not, we are absolutely loving it! I mean sure that closet space is a tiny hot mess, but overall it’s going fabulous. Of course, we cheated a little. We set up a Bald Eagle Barn next to us with a full size shower, water heater, freezers, and a washer/dryer. This makes our lives so much easier! Hats off to any of you living tiny without nice amenities.

Any of my readers living tiny? Feel free to share your experiences with me.


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