Operation Back to School Prep

Am I the only parent who starts putting their kids to bed at “school” bedtime, and waking them up early a week or two before school starts? Well, “Operation School Prep” has begun in our home!

Starting Sunday evening, I put my little guy to bed by 9 (our personal school bed time), and I woke him up by 7:30 Monday morning. It went perfect. He was happy and jumped right up. He did get sleepy on the way home from town later in the afternoon though. Day 2: I woke him at 7:15, & he was a little crankier, but I honestly expected him to be both days. (We aren’t morning people around here!) He did get dressed, brush his teeth, & started his day.

I know it’s only two days, but so far: I’m saying we’ve been successful. Lol. My oldest has a summer job on a ranch, so has avoided being tortured. We start back next Wednesday, so we don’t have long to get back into our routine! 😭 As a school employee, can we all just stop and throw a 2 year old’s tantrum in my honor?! Summer has flown by so fast! I’m not ready yet!

We do have most of our shopping finished at least. Yesterday, I bought the rest of the required supplies and backpack. I do need to grab some socks for my youngest, and the boys need new boots. I’m still waiting on a lunch box in the mail. Overall though, we are wrapping up the last minute preparations. Operation Back to School is 90% complete. Hoping to go 100% by Saturday afternoon!

Y’all have a blessed week. I’ll be praying for all of our back to school babies and staff.


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2 thoughts on “Operation Back to School Prep

  1. terrifortner

    We start the week before school starts with the school bed times. However, even during the summer they don’t get too far off schedule because momma has to get up and go to bed on time for work. What momma says, goes.

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