Monthly Archives: August 2019

My Vinca Vine

A sweet friend gave me a small piece of Vinca Vine in May. I placed it in water to grow roots. Here we are in August! Look at this thing! It’s gorgeous! 💕

My horse and a couple chickens are hanging in the background of this photo. Farm life is the best life. ☺️


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Operation Back to School Prep

Am I the only parent who starts putting their kids to bed at “school” bedtime, and waking them up early a week or two before school starts? Well, “Operation School Prep” has begun in our home!

Starting Sunday evening, I put my little guy to bed by 9 (our personal school bed time), and I woke him up by 7:30 Monday morning. It went perfect. He was happy and jumped right up. He did get sleepy on the way home from town later in the afternoon though. Day 2: I woke him at 7:15, & he was a little crankier, but I honestly expected him to be both days. (We aren’t morning people around here!) He did get dressed, brush his teeth, & started his day.

I know it’s only two days, but so far: I’m saying we’ve been successful. Lol. My oldest has a summer job on a ranch, so has avoided being tortured. We start back next Wednesday, so we don’t have long to get back into our routine! 😭 As a school employee, can we all just stop and throw a 2 year old’s tantrum in my honor?! Summer has flown by so fast! I’m not ready yet!

We do have most of our shopping finished at least. Yesterday, I bought the rest of the required supplies and backpack. I do need to grab some socks for my youngest, and the boys need new boots. I’m still waiting on a lunch box in the mail. Overall though, we are wrapping up the last minute preparations. Operation Back to School is 90% complete. Hoping to go 100% by Saturday afternoon!

Y’all have a blessed week. I’ll be praying for all of our back to school babies and staff.


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Spots For Days

Who doesn’t like a set of speckled pups?! Even if they were uh ohs! Lol. Here they are sweet and full of mischief. We’ve named them according to markings & personalities. (Except the last two random names my son is responsible for. Lol) We have: Punkin, Sister, Eyebrows, Trump, George, and Bill. They are blue lacy and catahoula cross. Even though they were unplanned, we think they are adorable.

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