Catching Cattle

We went to catch a bull and a cow for my best friend’s family on Wednesday evening. The bull who was already penned up and “sweet and friendly who should walk easily on the trailer” busted out through the fence, & had to be roped and drug on the trailer. The wild and crazy insane cow, who was supposed to go phycho was roped and loaded within ten minutes. Lol. Welcome to farm life! Where nothing goes as planned, and you shouldn’t be surprised by anything. We finally got both loaded on the trailer by 9:30 pm, and then hauled to the sale barn. I’m thankful that nobody was hurt and all went semi-well.

I hope all of my readers are doing well. I know, I know, I haven’t written in so long! Y’all probably don’t even remember me. Sorry, life happens. I’m enjoying being home with my family this summer. It’s flying by way too fast though. It’ll be back to the real world of school before we know it. (Insert dramatic sigh, tears, & a 2 year old tantrum!!!)

I’ll leave you with rare pictures of me on my horse. I love our horses, but I don’t care for riding. I tell my husband when he asks why I don’t ride anymore: I rode to get you when we were dating. I gotcha ya now, and I prefer staying on the ground. Lol. Y’all have a blessed summer.


#cattle #cow #bull #summer #farm #ranch #school #horses #horsetrailer #farmHer

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