Monthly Archives: May 2019

Rain Or…..

Rain or shine as they say, but all we’ve been seeing is rain. We helped put on our first rodeo of the season last night. Yep, in the rain. I’m thankful that I was in a dry camper, with a great view. My poor husband and oldest son weren’t so blessed. Hopefully, nobody ends up with pneumonia. Another short show is scheduled tonight, and then we’ll travel back home. I dread the drive, it’s so nasty out!

My oldest after the show. ❤️

Father and son. 💕

Two little rodeo crew members riding the sleeping bag bucking horse.


Let the Countdown begin! It’s almost summer time around here! Our last day is next Wednesday. I’m so excited to be home with my boys and catching up on things. I’m ready to work in my flowerbeds, and container garden. I’m ready to sleep in! Well, I’m not sure folks with bottle calves can sleep in. Hmmmm…maybe I’ll move the bottles back an hour at least. I also need to get a new pump, and get my pool cleaned out.

I’ve started working out! I know, it’s quite miraculous. Lol. I have a stationary, bike, fit board, and a bowflex. I’ve been getting on them every night. Last night, I road my bike for 3 miles. It’s a slow process, but hopefully I’ll loose some pounds soon. I’ve lost a couple inches, so that’s something at least.

Do y’all have any big plans this summer?


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