Monthly Archives: April 2019

Seed Pooper

My second grader came home and informed me, he needed a deer that ate and pooped seeds. I honestly thought I’d misunderstood him! After contacting his teacher, I found out it was true! Lol. They have been discussing different ways that seeds are distributed by animals. One way is when an animal eats, and then poops out the seed. So here it is, folks, our seed pooping deer! Ta da!

Don’t look closely or you’ll see the messed up mouth, wobbly legs, and the wrinkled wrapping. Otherwise, I think we did pretty good for a last minute project due tomorrow! 😁

#deer #science #school #pooping #seeds

April is Flying By!

Y’all, how can it already by mid-April?! It seems like we just celebrated Jesus’ birth! Yet, here we are almost to Easter. We have actually had some sun and warm weather for a few days. No worries, the monsoon is back once again. (Insert dramatic eye roll!)

I don’t have much excitement to share. I’m still feeding a bottle calf, working, and taking care of my family. I have my tv/workout room almost where I want it. I still need to file our taxes and buy our Easter clothes! (Hush, no judging allowed! lol) My youngest rode a new horse we got recently. It made Momma nervous, but he did great. My oldest got some new shades. He loves them. Lol. Here are a few pictures from the last few days. I hope y’all have a very blessed Easter. God Bless. ~A

Farm Living is the Life for Me

I enjoyed a nice few months without having any bottle calves. Yesterday, my husband’s great Uncle called with a new calf for me. So, here we go again. Lol. Getting back in the saddle as they say. I was up early, fixing a bottle, and feeding a sweet two day old calf in my pajamas.

She’s taken to the bottle quickly, and is so gentle and loving. Sometimes, I have to chase and wrestle baby calves at first. I’m thankful this one is adorable and calm.

In other news, I got a new pullover with a cow on it. It’s soft and comfy! My job is going so much better with the person that I was having trouble with. I’m praising the Lord for that! 🙌🏼