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My Cozy Place

How does so much stuff fit into the corners of my home?! I’d like to make the “sitting room” in my master bedroom into a comfy tv room. Right now, it’s running over with Christmas tubs, an old desk, and exercise equipment. I worked in there a couple hours today. I sorted things in my bedroom and sitting room all day, in my pjs. I threw away things and gathered up things to donate to goodwill. I’m still not finished, but at least it’s on it’s way to a better use of space. My suv is loaded with donation bags to drop off. My front deck holds trash bags that I’ve tossed out.

This week, someone I know posted about a chair an ottoman they were giving away. My sons and I picked it up on Thursday after work. It’s so comfortable! I’ve always wanted an overstuffed chair. This one is even more amazing with a fabulously padded ottoman. The pattern is a bit floral for my taste normally, but I’m absolutely in love with it. I can’t wait to get my new space ready for it. My youngest keeps crawling into it with me for snuggles. We even had a movie night in it last night. It won’t be long until he won’t want to snuggle, so I’m enjoying it while I can.

This chair has been dubbed “Momma’s Seat”. Back off boys, Momma has got a new cozy chair! ☺️ I’ve loved drinking my coffee in it and watching my show, Bones, in it the last couple of days.

I hope y’all have a blessed weekend.


“Grocery Shopping”

I finally went hog hunting with my husband. (He calls it grocery shopping. Haha!) We went Sunday after we went to Church and lunch. I’ll spare you most of the details for now, but I wanted to share a few pictures.

Even though, I’m absolutely exhausted, I had a great time. My watch said we walked 6.5 miles. And…. no, we don’t live in the flatlands either! Lol. I can’t wait to go back again. Definitely, always in the daylight though. With what I saw, heard, and climbed…..there’s no way that I’d want to join him on a night hunt. 😳😂🤣

Who knew grocery shopping could be that fun?! We brought home the bacon. ☺️❤️


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Favorite Easter Candy

Do you have a favorite Holiday candy or treat? I love the little Christmas tree snack cakes at Christmas time, but my all time favorite holiday treat is: Mini Robin Eggs. Y’all, if you haven’t tried them, pick you up a bag! Or two, like I did. (Shhhh this is a judge free zone! No negative attitudes allowed!) It’s probably a good thing they are a seasonal item. I’d probably weigh a couple hundred pounds more, if they were year round! Haha! So delicious!

We’ve been having a mostly lazy Spring Break. I can NOT believe it’s already Thursday!!! Ugghhhhh sigh!!!! This week has absolutely flown by. Have you done anything exciting with your family for Spring Break?

God bless.


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Day 2 of Spring Break

We are absolutely loving Spring Break! It’s so nice to enjoy some family time, without rushing around preparing for school. The weather has been perfect so far as well! Today, we actually got out of the house for a bit. We went on a short hike, and saw a gorgeous waterfall. My boys and I met my parents at the waterfall location, and enjoyed it tremendously.

After lunch, my boys and I headed home to feed the farm animals. My oldest then saddled two horses up. When hubby got in from work, they rode together. Later, our oldest and a buddy went coon hunting. Little man hung out with us and played Xbox, while we played rummy. It was a really great Tuesday! I’m so thankful to be enjoying this time at home with my boys. I realize many parents work during holidays and school closings. I’m counting my blessings to be off with my children.

I hope your Tuesday was fabulous!

May God bless all of you.


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Spring Break- Day 1

Day one of Spring Break found my youngest and I cleaning the playroom. Now that the boys are getting older, I added Xbox and small tv. My little guy calls it the “Gaming Room” now. We rarely use the playroom, since I stopped keeping children in our home. It had become cluttered and avoided by most. Maybe since it’s cleaned and organized, little guy will play in it more, and resist dragging all his farm toys all over the house.

So by cleaning the playroom, that led to cleaning the den. The den floor had all the farm toys in it. It’s nice to be able to not trip over a rodeo arena or three horses trailers, as I walk through now. Yes, that’s a punching bag in the den. I’m just thankful it’s not in the main living area. Welcome to my life with boys! I’ve just learned to roll with it.

It was a fairly low key day. Hubby went to work, and our oldest built fence and fed hay at the farm. Little man and I took turns changing the music back and forth on the Google Home while decluttering. I listen to contemporary Christian, and the guys prefer 90s country. So, it was back and forth all day on the tunes. We went from praising the Lord to long lost loves. Haha!

This morning, I made homemade pancakes. They were very good, just like my momma use to make. I enjoyed getting to sit down and eat my breakfast. Usually, I eat on the run or while getting ready for work. I actually had time to enjoy two whole cups of coffee! A blessing I’m definitely thankful for today.

This evening, we ate a delicious (Can I say delicious if I cooked it? 🤔) meal then played several hands of Rummy. It was a perfect peaceful evening. Tomorrow, we plan to take a short day trip with my boys and parents. I hope for a short hike to see a waterfall.

I hope y’all have a great night! Thanks for reading.


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Bless Him

This beautiful St. Patrick’s Day, we got up and went to Church. We enjoyed worship and lunch together, then grabbed groceries and headed home. This afternoon, my boys were doing chores and hubby was on the couch watching tv, when I left for evening service. I had put supper into the oven for them, along with potatoes in the pressure cooker. I left at 4:40, giving hubby instructions to remove the pork loin at 5pm. (It was almost finished when I left.)

After Church, they served a meal. (The reason I was cooking my family a meal before I left home.) I fixed my plate and sat down to eat. My oldest son text me to say there was black meat in the oven. Wait what?! Lol. When I left home, I had a beautiful and almost completely cooked pork loin. Apparently my adorably handsome husband fell asleep! At 7:30, my son found what was left of their supper…..a black pile of crispy charred blob. Haha! Fast food it is. McDonald’s to the rescue! Bless him, Lord. Bless that man of mine.


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Happy Laundry Day!

Saturday, the first day on the start of Spring Break has been dubbed, “Laundry Day.” I’m still rocking my polka dot pajama pants. Here I am, perched on the comfy couch folding and hanging clothes. I’ve got the curtains opened and the living room windows slightly raised just enjoying the beautiful sunshine. One son is putting out hay at the farm, and the other is watching Dukes of Hazzard on Prime. Poor hubby is missing all the fun, because he had to work today.

Happy “Laundry Day,” y’all!


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Hello, Spring Break!

Oh hello, Spring Break, how I’ve longed for you! I’ve dreamed of you since at least the end of Christmas break. Haha. I just love being home with my boys. We are hermit-like as much as we are able. We enjoy hanging out around our farm and home. Sometimes, you just need to breathe and enjoy time together.

We stopped by the park on the way home from school, and picked up some ice cream afterwards. (Of course, there was the feed store run before that as well!) We are usually rushing to get home to farm chores and to cook supper. It was nice to know we weren’t in an enormous rush.

When we arrived home, my oldest and a friend had haltered and saddled one of my calves. Boys will be boys! They even gave little brother a ride. Little man was quite impressed and excited. Country boys are lots of fun!

We don’t really have any plans for Spring Break. Hopefully, we will get some things accomplished, and still have a bit of fun. Do you have big plans as it starts warming up and changing seasons? I hope you have an amazing weekend.

God Bless you all.


Chill Pill, please?

Have you ever encountered someone who was absolutely never ever ever content? I mean someone who complains repeatedly, so you try it the way they ask. Then, they complain about the way you tried it?! I’m beyond serious. I’ve recently encountered this in my workplace. It’s one step forward, seventy-seven steps back with this person. I always work hard and strive to do the best job I can. I promise I always earn my wages and then some, but this person is never happy. Never. Did I mention never ever ever?

I’m praying the Lord gives me wisdom and leads me to have favor with this individual. It tears me up to think anyone is upset with me about anything. It’s a good thing I’m on a good blood pressure medicine, or I’d probably have kicked the bucket by now. Lol. This too shall pass, but could you take a Chill pill, please?

Jesus, take the wheel. Amen.


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No Filter

My Poppa was a Preacher like my Daddy, but he had a habit of speaking his thoughts. Whether people wanted his opinion or not. Lol. He was one of my favorite people. I miss him a lot. I unfortunately inherited his bluntness. Since becoming an adult, I’ve learned to hold back my true thoughts while working in the public. People should probably thank me for learning to bite my tongue, and talking to Jesus about my thoughts, instead of blurting them out. Lol. Seriously, you’re so welcome! I have lots of thoughts about the latest styles of clothing and hair. I’m over here in my head thinking: what is wrong with them?! Or my personal favorite: do they even have a mirror?! Haha! (Sorry? Love y’all!)

Anyways, I now have an 8 year old with no filter. He thinks your shirt is too tight or short, you will not have to wonder. He will flat out tell you what he thinks. He once told his teacher that she jacked up a math problem. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 He was right she did, but she didn’t appreciate how he told her. Lol He is taken to Church faithfully and knows to speak the truth, but is so blatantly honest that it can hurt. We’ve had to talk to him about not hurting peoples’ feelings repeatedly. He’s made little girls at school cry a few times. He’s a great kid. He isn’t trying to be mean or rude. He just got the blunt no filter gene passed down through my family. I’ve learned to throw my hand over his mouth, when I can tell he’s about to speak out.

What about you? Anyone too blunt in your family? I hope they’ve managed to bite their tongue, and aren’t breaking hearts like my little man. Y’all have blessed day.


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