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Here’s Your Sign

I was woke up by hubby this morning via text. He’d went to work and saw our son’s horse was out. He was sweet enough to let it get daylight before waking me up. An electric company has been in our neighborhood recently changing out poles. Apparently, they unplugged our electric fence (without us knowing) and didn’t plug it back in. I assumed they just unhooked it, drove through, and hooked it back up….like we do. I saw them drive through and they never said a word about anything. I assumed they knew what they were doing. I woke my oldest up. He took off with some feed and halter on a four wheeler. He searched for awhile and returned empty handed.

I had him stay with his sleeping brother and took off in our little farm truck. I searched and messaged our neighbors. I talked to the little country store up the road. We have a tiny community so, it’s easy to contact people quickly. I went down people’s long driveways if they had hay or horses. Finally, as I was about to give up, I went through a field to a trailer. It was the brother of a friend. His house trailer was in the middle of a huge hay field. No luck at his place but, I saw something gray as I was leaving. Across the road, the friend and guy’s brother has a hay field. I thought it might be a hay bale. Then, he turned and I saw his mane. The rotten horse had made a friend. He was visiting a paint horse across the fence in another field.

Long story short, our escapee gelding is home safe and sound. The electric fence is plugged back in, and I’m keeping our gate closed a few days for good measure.

I hope you are all having a great weekend and preparing for Church tomorrow. May God keep you safe and sound.

God bless,


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Cowboy Pumpkin

Hey, Strangers! Long time, no type. I know, I know. I’m sorry but, life happens. I get sidetracked trying to keep up. I really am thankful for all of my readers. I’ll try to do better. Haha! You might not want to hold your breath waiting though. My oldest son’s ear is looking better. We still may have to have one more surgery but, we are so thankful he seems to be recovering.

My youngest son is in 2nd grade. They were asked to do a Pumpkin Book report. They got to choose a book to read and then, decorate a pumpkin as one of its characters. He chose a book called, Cowboys.

It is a cute book for people who love the cowboy life and rodeo world. It has lots of cowboy adventures, like roping and bucking horses. We made a Cowboy Pumpkin since, there weren’t any specific named characters in the story.

There are lots of flaws but, I think it turned out adorable. He was excited about it. I hope all of you are enjoying Fall. Have a blessed weekend.


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