4th Grade Math 😳

I’m subbing in 4th grade today. The children are very sweet and polite. That Math though! Oh mylanta! Y’all, it’s been a few years since I’ve been out of school. I was always a great reader, and I adored English. But Math?! Ummmm no. Not my favorite at ALL. The questions on their Math pages are things I learned in High School. I’m pretty sure! I’ve had to have a student explain some questions to us. Lol. Oh well, you do what you have to do. Haha. Here’s to surviving 4th grade Math! Thankfully, Reading and Writing is next. ☺️

Our hog dog puppies are growing. They are weaned and rambunctious. It’s so hard to get pictures now but, I tried. Here’s a few I snapped during play time one evening.


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