Introvert Life

Any of introverts out there??? I was very shy growing up. I wouldn’t talk to people I didn’t know, unless they approached me first. As I grew up and began working in the public, I have grown a little more bold. I’ll smile and talk to strangers. I definitely reach out to the underdogs. You know the people who look miserable? The children who aren’t talking to anybody. The kiddos with dirty clothing or holes in their shoes. Although, I have to make myself reach out to teens and adults, I now do. (Children just seem much easier for this shy introvert. Lol)

Church, Restaurants, and new crowded places make me feel nauseous and sweaty. I’m a Pastor’s daughter so, isn’t it kind of strange that Church scares me to death?! I try to sit towards the back and “blend in”. I don’t understand why but, something about sitting in front of anyone makes me nervous wreck! Don’t laugh! This is serious. Haha! Do any of you introverts have certain things that send you into panic mode?

Updates around our home/farm…..I’ve weaned my bottle calves and sold several. I’ve got 3 calves at the Funny Farm I’m feeding. (Funny farm= our home place) We traded my oldest son’s gray horse off for another taller gray quarter horse. He’s very friendly on the ground. We’ve not had time to ride him much but, he seems to be doing well. The boys are both in dyslexia interventions this year. Hopefully, it’ll help them improve with reading and daily academic struggles. My oldest will be having more tests done to figure out why his ear isn’t healing up. We are battling the swelling and now pain in his hands and feet. Scary stuff for a momma to endure the unknown.

I hope all of you have a blessed weekend! T.G.I.F!!!



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