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New Goodies

My baby and I went shopping yesterday. We bought groceries, flowers, succulents, and cupcakes found at a new place in town. Little man loves flowers like his Momma. The local co-op had their plants on sale for a quarter each! Baby boy found a couple and was excited.

At Walmart, I found two adorable succulents for my newest collection. One of them is so whimsical. It reminds me of Dr. Seuss. Lol.

The cupcakes were bought at a new place in a nearby town. Hubby says mine are better. (Everyone say: Awwwwww!) I kinda have to agree. I wasn’t impressed but, the atmosphere was fun and the cupcakes were pretty. Little man loved it.

We had a great afternoon together. I’m a blessed Boy Momma. ❤️

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Family Bonding

Ranch and farm life is not for the weak. It’s hard work! It’s nasty and hot in the summer. Animals don’t wait on cooler weather to have mishaps. We had to catch a cow who had prolapsed a few days ago. In 100 degree weather, we all pitched in to catch, pen, and Doctor the crazy creature. She tried jumping out of the corral and running over us a few times. We finally got her in the shoot, cleaned, and shoved her insides (that were on the outside) back in to her. Mission accomplished. Or… we thought. (Insert eye rolling emoji!) We went back to check on her the next day and she’d jumped out of the pen that we put her in for observation. **sigh** The guys caught her again and she somehow managed to break her leg loading into the trailer! Goodness. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for her or tell her not to be such a pain. So, off to the butcher she went. We will have tons of hamburger very soon. Here’s a few farm pics I took of the first day. We worked some calves that first catch day also. Yesterday, my youngest put on a tire and tightened the lug nuts on his own. You want to raise some strong, hard working men? Buy a farm. Lol. I’m so proud of him. Only one lug nut had to be tightened a little bit more. Farm boys are rough and tough.

(Photo prop only; not quite ready to turn baby loose on a tractor.)

Hope y’all have a great weekend!


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New Addition

I added three new plants to my collection yesterday. An Aloe Vera (the last one was caught in a huge storm last year and I lost it eventually. Don’t judge me! Lol), a marigold, and a succulent with a name you’ll have to read off its container.

Although, I occasionally have casualties….I truly do love gardening. Planting things is so relaxing to me. Hopefully, I’ve got these new guys in enough shade to stay outside awhile. Full time house plants don’t usually have as long of a life span for me. I said, don’t judge! Lol. I just do better with outdoor plants and gardens.

Happy Planting!


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Blackberry Cobbler

I planted blackberries last year. They still aren’t producing but, thankfully we live in the boonies. Just down the road are lots of wild blackberry bushes. I finally talked my husband into taking me picking last night. Even though a huge storm blew in, we hastily grabbed enough to make a cobbler. Lightning in the not too distance, we decided we had enough just as huge rain drops started falling. By the time we jumped in the truck, a near monsoon was coming down. Just in the nick on time, we were safely in the old farm truck headed home.

When we arrived home, I mixed my bottle calves milk. The little summer storm passed and I was able to feed them without swimming. Lol. Next, I rinsed off the delicious blackberries and began making a cobbler. It’s still early in the season but, I’m so glad we went picking. It was so delicious! Here’s the recipe for a Homemade Fruit Cobbler, as my Momma taught me. I’ve made peach, strawberry, and blackberry cobblers before. It’s a flexible from scratch recipe. Adjust it to fit your family.


1 cup of desired fruit

1 cup of sugar

1 cup of self rising flour

1 tsp vanilla

1 cup of milk

1/2 stick of butter (Add at the end.)

First, grease a square sized casserole dish. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Then, mix everything (except the butter) in a bowl together. Next, you’ll pour your ingredients into the casserole dish. Add your butter to the center of the cobbler to melt as it cooks. Bake until lightly brown, approximately 25 minutes. Enjoy!

This recipe is so simple. It’s perfect for beginners or to bake with your littles helping. Even though it’s easy, it’s so delicious! You’ll definitely want to bake it again and again.

I hope you have a blessed day!


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I have six rescue calves right now. All of them are/were bottle calves. Three are still taking a bottle and three are now weaned. Their names are Shirley Temple, Bug, Trouble, TBone, Hulk, and Brewster.

Shirley is the only heifer in the group. A neighbor gave her to me at 2 days old. Her mother passed away after having her. Bug and Trouble were saved by a friend when they got sick. After she weaned them, I bought them at a good price. Hulk was brought to me by the same friend and given to me. It went something along the lines of: “Try to save him, I think he’s going to die.” He was very bad. I thought I lost him a few times the first couple days. He pulled through. He did lose some hair on his back end from fever. He’s doing great now! Brewster is next. The same friend found him sick, nursed him. I bought him when I got Bug and Trouble. She had named Brewster, “Punky”. I hated that name for a boy and changed it to Brewster. (Y’all remember that show? Punky Brewster? Haha!) I almost forgot, TBone. TBone was a twin calf. His owner (a neighbor to our farm), decided his cow could only raise one calf. So, we bought him, and I’ve been his momma since about 2 days old.

We have more cattle at our regular farm but, you’ve now met all my current “bottle” babies. I hope you’ve enjoyed a few introductions at my petting zoo. (AKA Funny Farm)

Happy Monday!


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Hello, my blog friends. I hope you have a blessed Sunday. I pray your families are waking up to go worship God. My family is slowly getting around. We have bottle calves to feed in the rain first then, off to praise the Lord.

Happy Sunday, y’all!


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More Herbs

I added three more herbs to my tiny flower/herb bed. It may sound silly to some but, this little collection makes me so happy. I’m excited every time I add a perennial or herb. Today, I chose rosemary, Italian oregano, and sweet mint. The sweet mint is already starting to grow past the little pot they had it in. This made me choose a pot to plant it in, instead of the ground. I was afraid it would take over entirely too fast.

Happy Saturday!


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