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Summer Time

I’m so happy to be off work for the summer. We have been staying pretty close to home but, enjoying family time. I thought I’d shared some pictures of things going on around here. We have went to the Library twice, played at the park, hubby tranquilized and hauled a crazy bull for a neighbor, been training horses, had some more baby chicks, and started working on our pool.

I took B to the library twice already.

I hope you all have a safe and blessed Memorial Day weekend. May we all remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. 🇺🇸❤️


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Buster Brown

Today was our last day at school for the year. Let the summer laziness begin! We are so excited to not be answering to alarm clocks for awhile. On my last day, we held a Preschool Prom for all the students. It was a lot of fun. I believe everyone enjoyed it immensely. The girls and teachers wore T-shirt’s and tutus. The little boys wore top hats and T-shirts. It was adorable! ☺️

Let’s see, a few farm updates. We have broody hens hatching chicks like crazy. Which is good since a hunting pup killed 17 chickens and a duck. We were away working a bucking horse competition at a chuckwagon race, when it happened. 😢 My newest bottle calf is TBone. He’s adorable and rambunctious. We’ve also acquired a new pet since I’ve last written. A guinea pig named, Buster Brown. He’s a bit messy and rotten. He makes a quirky boinging sound like a pogo stick. It’s so cute. He loves carrots and bell peppers but, hates spinach and oranges. He’s much pickier than I expected. Lol.

My husband and oldest son rescued a fawn while burning a field off. They relocated it safely nearby. It was gorgeous and glad it was found safely.


It’s movie night with my little guy. We are watching, Sing. I better get off here and focus on my kiddo. I hope you have a great weekend.

God bless,


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