Monthly Archives: March 2018

Working Cattle & Stuff

I’ve not written my blog in awhile because, I have been having trouble with the app shutting down and losing what I type. It’s been very frustrating! I’m hopeful that this post will survive.

We worked cattle twice last weekend. Once weaning our own calves and helping friends doctor their cattle the next day. I wanted to share some pictures. I am including a few miscellaneous farm pics as well.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be leaving on a trip to go to a Ladies Retreat. I’m so excited! Every year we go to this retreat. It’s always a lot of fun and full of blessings. It’s nice to have ladies from all over your state, meet together and have Church. They’ll be lots of laughter, eating, and worship. It’ll be nice to get away from chores and focus on God and relaxing.

I hope you have a blessed weekend.

Take care.