Rain & More Rain

Is it raining in your area? Oh mercy, it’s raining so heavy and steady around here. My ducks think they’ve moved on to Heaven. They are so happy and enjoying all the mud and water. Me…..not so much.

I’m no longer walking nonchalantly across the field to my barn. I am now slipping and sinking in the mud to feed. We have had to break out the old rain coats, and even bought an extra rain suit. (We needed another for our teen son.)

The barn where my bottle calves, ducks, and half my chickens sleep tried to flood. My husband had the flu but, was able to do some dirt work to change the path of the water flow. He and a shovel fixed it right up. I moved two baby chicks and a hen out of the water’s path and moved my youngest calf to a new stall. Otherwise, no harm done, thankfully.

We have enjoyed a lazy day. The rain definitely makes it easy for that at least. Reading, laundry, and cooking is all I’ve accomplished today. I just stuck some chicken breasts into the pressure cooker. I’m going to make homemade pot pie. It’s so delicious! (And easy!)

I hope you are all enjoying a great weekend. Tomorrow is Sunday! Let’s all take time to be thankful and worship God in His house in the morning.

God bless you all.


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