Flu That Never Ends

Y’all, I’m seriously thinking that the flu is never going to end. I started sneezing last Thursday. I missed work last Friday, and EVERY day this week. I’m still feeling blah and exhausted! I’m not even exaggerating. I would sleep all day, if I didn’t have children, a husband, and a farm to keep alive. I’ve been laying around for a week! When will this go away?! Lol.

I’ve not ran a fever. I’ve not been in a lot of pain, other than headaches. It’s just an annoying exhaustion, sinus pressure, and sneezing 🤧. Overall, it’s the easiest sickness I’ve had. 😂 It’s just so last week! I am over it. 😉

My husband and boys have been helpful during my flu from Satan. Here’s a sweet picture of my baby watching Hallmark with me. My oldest has been helping with feeding the animals. I am very blessed by the best, even with the flu.

I hope all of you are staying healthy. I guess the perk of working in preschool…..GERMS. I don’t get sick often so, I’ll just keep popping vitamin C, probiotics, and elderberry syrup. This too shall pass. I’ll be up and running before long. Actually, this weekend! I’ve got a ladies meeting Saturday morning at Church. This will be followed by cooking with our youth, for a fundraiser dinner. (We will be serving after Sunday morning worship.) Oh and most important, my beautiful niece is turning 2! Her party is Saturday evening. Did I mention that I’m also teaching Children’s Church on Sunday?! Hopefully, I’ll make it through. I’m tired just thinking of it all.

I’ve got to put away the blog, book I’m reading, and movie I’m watching to get sleep. (Tell me, I’m not the only multitasking Momma out there!) I hope all of you have an amazing weekend! Stay healthy and God bless.


#flu #preschool #farm

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