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Rain & More Rain

Is it raining in your area? Oh mercy, it’s raining so heavy and steady around here. My ducks think they’ve moved on to Heaven. They are so happy and enjoying all the mud and water. Me…..not so much.

I’m no longer walking nonchalantly across the field to my barn. I am now slipping and sinking in the mud to feed. We have had to break out the old rain coats, and even bought an extra rain suit. (We needed another for our teen son.)

The barn where my bottle calves, ducks, and half my chickens sleep tried to flood. My husband had the flu but, was able to do some dirt work to change the path of the water flow. He and a shovel fixed it right up. I moved two baby chicks and a hen out of the water’s path and moved my youngest calf to a new stall. Otherwise, no harm done, thankfully.

We have enjoyed a lazy day. The rain definitely makes it easy for that at least. Reading, laundry, and cooking is all I’ve accomplished today. I just stuck some chicken breasts into the pressure cooker. I’m going to make homemade pot pie. It’s so delicious! (And easy!)

I hope you are all enjoying a great weekend. Tomorrow is Sunday! Let’s all take time to be thankful and worship God in His house in the morning.

God bless you all.


The Grass is Not Always Greener

Do you ever compare your love life with the movies or other people’s life? Do you ever wish that your man (or lady) was like someone else’s love? Stop it! Everything in your life is arranged by God for you. The choices you make are yours though. Don’t compare, complain, and possibly ruin your relationship trying to be like someone else’s. You don’t know what goes on behind their closed door. It may not be as “perfect” as it seems. Life isn’t perfect. It’s full of trials and blessings for everyone. You know the saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side”? It’s not. If you think that’s the case, water your own grass. Lol. Put time into your relationship. Spend time being a blessing to your love. It’s the little things that will matter the most.

Do you need some examples? My husband is not a romantic. (That’s seriously the understatement of the year.) But, he shows me he loves me in other ways. When I’m sick, he feeds my bottle calves for me. Instead of jewelry or flowers that wilt, he brings home a calf or chickens to me. (Don’t laugh! That’s the way to this farm girl’s heart! Lol) It’s the little things that matter. It doesn’t have to be a big extravagant gift to prove you love someone. Speak and give from your heart. Put God first in your relationships. Don’t hold your wife’s hand looking over your shoulder at someone else. Be faithful. Be true. Love big. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the love birds out there. God bless you all.


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Flu That Never Ends

Y’all, I’m seriously thinking that the flu is never going to end. I started sneezing last Thursday. I missed work last Friday, and EVERY day this week. I’m still feeling blah and exhausted! I’m not even exaggerating. I would sleep all day, if I didn’t have children, a husband, and a farm to keep alive. I’ve been laying around for a week! When will this go away?! Lol.

I’ve not ran a fever. I’ve not been in a lot of pain, other than headaches. It’s just an annoying exhaustion, sinus pressure, and sneezing 🤧. Overall, it’s the easiest sickness I’ve had. 😂 It’s just so last week! I am over it. 😉

My husband and boys have been helpful during my flu from Satan. Here’s a sweet picture of my baby watching Hallmark with me. My oldest has been helping with feeding the animals. I am very blessed by the best, even with the flu.

I hope all of you are staying healthy. I guess the perk of working in preschool…..GERMS. I don’t get sick often so, I’ll just keep popping vitamin C, probiotics, and elderberry syrup. This too shall pass. I’ll be up and running before long. Actually, this weekend! I’ve got a ladies meeting Saturday morning at Church. This will be followed by cooking with our youth, for a fundraiser dinner. (We will be serving after Sunday morning worship.) Oh and most important, my beautiful niece is turning 2! Her party is Saturday evening. Did I mention that I’m also teaching Children’s Church on Sunday?! Hopefully, I’ll make it through. I’m tired just thinking of it all.

I’ve got to put away the blog, book I’m reading, and movie I’m watching to get sleep. (Tell me, I’m not the only multitasking Momma out there!) I hope all of you have an amazing weekend! Stay healthy and God bless.


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I promise I’m still alive. I started working full time, and things have been so crazy. I hope all of you are doing amazing. I pray you’re avoiding the flu! Me….not so much. I believe, I’m coming down with it. I’m popping vitamin C (more than usual), and as always my amazing probiotics. Hopefully, with my prepared immune system, I’ll not get it as bad as most.

I have a new bottle calf. Her name is Shirley Temple. She’s very sweet and loves her bottles and cuddling.

If you’ll remember back to one of my hog hunting posts, our old dog made a full recovery. He’d fallen into an old cistern filled with icy water, and I treated him for hypothermia. Buddy is doing very well, and has even gotten to make a couple hunting trips. We are so thankful that we didn’t lose him. God is so good.

Our new Christmas pups are growing and getting into all sorts of mischief. They are definitely double trouble! Puppy training is a full time job as well right now.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. May God bless your homes.


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