Busting Ice & Hauling Water

Y’all seriously, I don’t know if I’ve blocked it from my memory or what but, I don’t remember hating winter chores this much! Busting ice & hauling water has easily become my most dreaded chore!!! It seems to take FOREVER. The temperatures are staying colder longer for the area I live in. Maybe that’s why I’m struggling to survive the mundane water chores. Usually, it warms up by mid-day in the past. That would help with the troughs melting. There has been zero melting the last couple of weeks. By the time, I make sure all our farm animals has access to water, I’m exhausted.

Other than that, we have a hog hunting dog in our house on “Farmer’s Wife Vet Care”. He fell into an old well/cistern while hunting on New Year’s Day. Poor baby got soaked and was treading water when my husband found him. He’s getting lots of TLC and being spoiled rotten. He’s feeling much better. No signs of pneumonia or anything yet. He’s an older dog and an amazing hunter. He’s probably my husband’s favorite, other than his two brothers being a close race for first.

I hope you are all having a great week, with little to no drama. 😁

Take care.


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9 thoughts on “Busting Ice & Hauling Water

  1. vicki

    What a relief that he was found!! And I bet, totally eating up the extra loving he is surely getting… Its not a good time to be a farmer right now, is it??!! I am so tired of frozen water!!!!!

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