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Our Pastor preached about loving others today. Loving your neighbors. Loving your enemies. Loving your family. Loving your Church family. Loving strangers in Walmart, even in the checkout lines! 😜 You get the picture. I believe our world would be a much better place, if we’d all love more. 

Hope you have a blessed Sunday!


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Do any of you have ducks? A lady in my Church gave me several chickens and five ducks. We’ve never owned ducks before! I’ve sure never known ducks with “hair” like mine have. They are so entertaining to watch. Especially, when they play in water! 

They were staying in a pen at night. They’d go in, and I’d shut the gate every evening. Three nights ago, they took up with my Silkie chickens. They now go into the pen to sleep, each evening at dusk. It’s so cute to see them cuddled up below my white silkies. 

Ducks sure are noisy creatures! My poor dog doesn’t know what to think of the little quackers. She’s still a bit suspicious of them. 

So, advice on my new addition to our farm? Any neat duck stories to share? Have a blessed weekend. 


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Oh Mylanta!

Just curious, do any of you ever jump into something, & then think: “Oh Mylanta! What was I thinking?!” No? Just me? Ok then. 😜 So a month ago, my youngest son decided he needed to join Boy Scouts. So, we went to the first meeting. We filled out tons of paperwork. (While the boys ran wild!) Then, the “leader” announces that she’s stepping down & one or more of us….. “needs to take over”. Wait! What?! 😱

Fast forward to second meeting. I went to it silently chanting to myself: “I have too many job titles at church & home. I’m not going to be a leader in Boy Scouts.” Ha!!!! At the end of the meeting, a Boy Scout leader who’s over all the local areas asked for leader volunteers. One hand went up “a former Eagle Scout”. Then, his girlfriend said she’d help. I’m thinking: “Awesome! We have our leaders!” The head Leader then says: “Great! Now, if we could get one more parent to volunteer.” Complete silence. You could hear a pin dropping. We are at a public park, & it was silent. I’m pretty sure the crickets & birds were afraid to speak even! I look around: nobody moves. I don’t think they are even breathing! Me: “I’ll help. I don’t want to be the main leader but, I’ll help out.” Oh good grief! I always fall for this stuff. 😂

Skip ahead to the next meeting, after attempting to contact other leaders to find out their plans…..several times that week. I had a feeling. You know that gut feeling that you know what’s about to happen? I just KNEW that I better get to researching something for that meeting. I show up. Parents show up. Boy Scouts show up. No other leaders. I’m it, y’all. Just me! The leader who didn’t want to lead! Oh mylanta! Praise God for those moments where you just “know that you know”. After waiting 15 minutes, I began the meeting. Alone. With my little bag of goodies & tricks that I packed “just in case”. The meeting was short & sweet but, went very well.

The next week, I went to that meeting with tons of games, a soap carving craft, & popcorn selling information for the parents. I was again, the only leader to show up. The other leaders keep saying that they’ve not quit, & will be at the next meeting. Our meetings are on Thursday evenings. We shall see. 😉
***update: Other leaders still haven’t shown up. 


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Babysitting Adventure 

It’s been forever since I’ve blogged! Sorry, it’s been so busy around here. We survived having a baby in our house for 3 nights & 4 days. 😉 I do know that I’m through having children. Lol. We’d thought about adoption when our kids are grown. Nope, I’m good now. Lol. It did go pretty well. He’s a sweet baby. He loves to eat! My boys enjoyed playing with him. Hubby wasn’t impressed to be woke up multiple times but, otherwise ….it went great. 😜