A little visitor. 

This weekend we will have a little visitor in our home. Our friends are working at the National Chuckwagon races so, I’ll be keeping their youngest. He’s 7 months old, & this will be his first time away from his mommy overnight. His Momma brought his things over last night. I made room for his little bed in my room. 

He will be here by 5 this evening, & they’ll pick him up sometime Sunday afternoon. I’ll be back at some point with updates. Oh, did I mention that our 18th wedding anniversary is tomorrow?! This will definitely be an adventure. 

I was infant teacher a few years ago at a daycare. I was assistant director & Itty Bitty teacher. I took care of 6 infants alone. Surely that means that “LaLa” (what the daycare kids called me) has this. Right? 😜

Stay tuned. First test is tonight: Boy Scouts meeting with a 7month old visitor. Haha! 


#baby #babysitting #daycare #chuckwagon #boyscouts #weddinganniversary

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