A Little About Me. 

1. I am the oldest child of a Church Of God Pastor. 

2. I’m an introvert & dislike crowded places. 

3. I graduated in a small town. 

4. I married my love when I was 19. Had my first son 3 years later. Another son 7 1/2 years after that. 

5. We have 185 acre farm. I love my animals. 

6. We go to a small church near my boys school but, 25 minutes from home. 

7. I teach Children’s Church about every other week. 

8. I love being a homemaker & farmer. 

9. I hate cleaning! 

10. My boys & hubby are my favorites. 

Hope you enjoyed a few random facts about me. Do we have anything in common? Feel free to comment below. 


#farmer #preacher #Church #school #boymom

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