Life & Hop-A-Long Cassidy

Hey, Everyone! I hope y’all are having a great Monday. We just began our third week of school. My little guy fell asleep on the way to school this morning. With the light rain coming down, I can’t say that I blame him. 

Cutie in his cap to keep his hair dry.


A nearby farmer brought me a calf last week. Her momma had died a few days before, & the other cows didn’t like her stealing milk. I named her Moon. She’s doing well so far. Hopefully, she will gain weight quickly & be ok. 

Moon after dumping her water to get to the bottle. Lol


I had a silkie hen get caught in a hay string, & hurt her foot a few months back. I rescued her & doctored her leg. I’m assuming it had damaged her foot in some way though. At first, her foot just peeled. Then, she started limping. She ended up losing her toes. 😢 It’s never seemed to bother her. She’s out every day freeranging & running (I should say “hopping” to me for treats). I named her Hop-A-long Cassidy. She reminds me of a peg-legged pirate. She’s fast too! I’m hoping she will be fine & live a long happy life. 

  I better get up & get some stuff accomplished today before hubby fires me. 😉

 I hope you have a great week. 


#school #silkies #boys #bottlecalf #farm

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