Week Two

Well, here we go….week two of school has begun. The boys are liking school except for the homework. Both boys have complained about that part. Lol. Honestly, I’m anti-homework too, as I’ve mentioned before. 😉 I’m careful not to tell them that of course. Not sense in making things worse with fueling the fire. 

We had a rodeo this weekend out of town that we had to work. We had fun, even if it was small. Unfortunately, hubby is sick again. He is wheezing & coughing horribly. We went back to the dr. He’s being treated for bronchitis, AGAIN. Praying the meds work quickly. I keep thinking he’s going to pass out, or throw up from coughing so hard. Poor guy can barely sleep at night. He’s up & down. I wake up to him coughing or sitting up asleep. I feel so bad for him. It’s hard seeing him struggling to breathe. 

Today, is the eclipse day! It’s getting pretty dark outside. My boys’ school has NASA approved glasses for all the students. I’m sure they are outside right now enjoying the show. Personally, I’m ready to scroll through social media without seeing everything eclipse warnings. 😜 

I hope all of you are having a great day. Take care today. Protect those eyes! 


#school #Eclipse #bronchitis

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