Drowned Rat

Good morning, Friends! We woke up this morning to heavy rain. Yippee! (Yes, that was dripping with sarcasm.) So, I dropped my boys off at the High School & middle school.  Next, I went to get diesel in my truck. Of course, the diesel pumps are the only ones that you get water sprayed in your face. Lol. I tried to hide beside the gas pump but, the automatic fill button kept clicking off. So….back to the water spraying at me. At least, it was only a fine mist that the wind was throwing in my face. Thankful to have some of the rain off my head by the gas pump roof top. 

Apparently, I miscounted the amount of Gatorade & dr peppers my husband & oldest would require for their lunches. (Or someone was drinking them in the evening. The verdict is still out on that idea.) 🤷‍♀️ Off to the Dollar Store I go for drinks & bread. Of course, all the close parking spots are taken, it’s still pouring I might add. The next parking spots I’d normally choose…. had a semi blocking all 8 or so spots. He couldn’t park off to the side out of the way I guess. 😜 That’s ok, to the back 40 I go. Around the side by the dumpster. 😂 I park & decide the rain has let up. I leave my umbrella, & take off down the sidewalk. Two rushing rain gutters on the sidewalk later & rain that’s decided to pick back up…..I’m a drowned rat walking into that place. Lol. 

That’s ok. God is good. I am blessed. The rain has slowed so, I may get to feed my animals without requiring Noah’s Ark. 👩‍🌾☔️

Happy Thursday y’all!


#rain #school #homework #rodeo #bronchitis

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