We Made It!

The first day of school started today. We all managed to be ready, grab lunches & backpacks, my coffee, & be out the door by 7. (Including first day of school pics of course.) We live about 30 minutes from the school through backroads. 40 minutes if you take the nice smoothe highway. I’m more of a backroad kind of girl. Lol. So, off we went around curves, over hills, & dodging wild life. 😜 Beautiful scenery & a peaceful morning with my boys. 

I dropped one off at the high school. How is it possible that I have a freshman?! 😢 My other son, I walked into 1st grade. My sweet little baby is a first grader!!!! 😭 Both boys were prayed over & hugged & kissed before drop offs. I may have stolen a couple kisses more from my baby but, who’s counting? 

Now, let me pause right here & go off the beaten path. I work at home on our farm & babysit. The daycare I helped run closed 3 years ago in September. After it closed, I started keeping 5 children in my home. Last year, after milking 2 cows & tending 10 bottle calves with 5 toddlers (Now that took talent! Lol) , I decided to only keep one little boy. 

K was an awesome kid. He listened & obeyed the first time. (My own rarely do that! Ha!) He took 2-3 hours naps EVERY day. The kid was hilarious, & I could take him anywhere. Shopping, school plays, building fences….I did it all with my little red headed side kick. With that being said, K started preschool today! 😱 He’s 4 now. I got him at my daycare when he was 5 weeks old as a foster baby. He was so itty bitty tiny. I remember the other teachers would come to my room to see the “delicate creature” but, were all scared to hold him. Lol. They were afraid he’d break since he was so small. He had a different name then because, he was adopted by a great family. They are such a blessing. I’m going to miss my sweet little guy but, I know he’s making friends & absorbing everything he learns. He’s a smart cookie with a huge personality & vocabulary! 

My house was so quiet today! I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. It was still definitely a Monday though. Let’s see, I managed to slam the top gate on the horse trailer into my head. Then, I went to the barn to feed my chickens & was stung twice by a wasp. 🤦🏼‍♀️ After that, I decided I’d be safer inside. Lol. I cleaned & worked on laundry the rest of the day. Before I knew it, it was time to go get the boys at the bus stop. Both of my boys had a great first day! Praise the Lord for that! 🙌🏼 

Quick summary: 

Cody’s favorite thing- Ag class

Cody’s worst thing- science teacher

Blake’s favorite thing- merry go round & two recesses! 

Blake’s worst thing: his friend got sick & had to go home. (Poor kid! First day!) 

I’ve got to get to sleep. Tomorrow will come too early, & hubby says my light is shining in his eyes. Lol. 

God bless you all. 


#school #preschool #farm 

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