Rock Hunting

Hey, Guys! I hope you are all having a blessed week. We’ve been so busy getting ready for school. The boys start Monday morning. 😢 I’m very close to having everything ready. I still need to find shoes/boots for them. I know, I’ve got to get myself into gear! It’ll be here way too soon. 

 A nearby town (the closest one with a Walmart), has started painting & hiding rocks. Families then go out & hunt for them. When found, you can hide them for others in a new spot, or keep your favorites. I took my boys & the little guy I keep, yesterday. They loved it! (Well, my 14 year old may have rolled his eyes once & rushed us a bit. Haha!) It was good family fun though. 

 I love small towns. I would never make it in a big city. I love that one of the rocks we hid was found by a teacher my oldest had in middle school. (Did I mention he’s going to High School this year?!?! 😩) I also love that we saw a girl I went to school with, & her 3 boys, hunting on Main Street when we went hunting. Small towns are the best. 

 I hope all your babies are excited for school. Mine aren’t ready quite yet. Lol. I pray all of our children have a safe & happy year. 

God bless your home.


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