Big Bad Wolf

The large Buffington rooster is named Big Bad Wolf. He’s huge but, the sweetest rooster I’ve ever owned. 😍 This week we did a Kids Krusade at my church. We did an offering contest between the girls & the boys. The man & woman taking offering would be chased by a “Big Bad Wolf if their team lost. They were expecting a big dog & were surprised when we showed up with my sweet rooster. So surprised the man (boys lost!) forgot to run. Lol 

We had a great time & lots of fun. Now, we are rodeoing this weekend. We are exhausted but, love the family time. We brought our camper to hang at during long breaks & early set up stuff. 

We went home about 3:30 this morning & slept in. I made pickles, my favorite…. Amish sweet dill. I ran out of jars or  I would’ve made lots more. Story of my life. Lol. 

Well, God is good. I hope you all have a blessed Sunday. Take care. ~A

#buff #orphington #chickens #farm #canning


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