Small Town Gal

Hey, y’all! I hope all is going well. This past week, Kids @ Heart did a Kid’s Krusade in a town a couple hours away. Kids @Heart is where my mom, my sister, me, my nieces & my boys team up & do kids “revivals” for Churches. It’s a lot of fun. This time we were in a pretty rough town. It made me miss my country town & farm so bad. Lol. There’s a federal prison in the back yard of the church we visited. During church, some guys tried breaking into car outside in the parking lot! It was crazy wild. I’m so thankful I live in a place where I can leave my keys in my rig, or walk outside at night safely. I missed my farm life while away but, we did have some fun. 

My youngest & nieces swimming. Like my swim wear & boots? 😉

We got our pool filled up finally! It’s so much fun & relaxing on a hot day. The boys are having a blast. I’m hoping I can handle the upkeep without any problems. 

Excuse the mess. They tend to forget where their clothes, trash, & pool toys go.

I better get some sleep. Y’all have a great week. God bless. 



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