Weekend & a Birthday. 

Hey, y’all! Seems like I’m averaging once a week on blogging. I try, really….I do! Lol. Farming in the summer time with 3 kiddos tends to keep me busy & distracted. 

We had a crazy good weekend rodeoing Friday & Saturday evenings. We were out of town for them from Friday morning until Sunday morning at 3 am. It takes time to set up panels, livestock, campers, etc for the Rodeo crew. We had a great time helping put on the show. Everything went well & no major injuries. Praise the Lord for that!!! 

Here are a few of the McCarson Rodeo team. Some had already headed home by this time Saturday night. Can you tell who the goofballs & clowns are? Lol. 

My youngest son’s 7th Birthday was yesterday. I can’t believe my baby is so big! 😩 He had a great day. We went to buy a pool at Walmart. We planned to buy one around $200. Well…..walmart tends to bring out Christmas junk & winter clothes in summer, & pools in February. 🙄 So, they were out of stock…. except one. One VERY large pool. Too large. Lol. But…..it was his birthday, & we didn’t want to wait & order online. We called a local dump truck man to have him deliver some sand. We expected that to take a couple days. Nope. He said: I’ve been delivering sand for pools all day, I’ll be there in a little bit. Yay!!! 

Blake definitely had a Birthday to remember! ❤ Thanking God for our many blessings. My friend who’d just bought the smaller version of our pool, came over with her girls at 10:30 last night. We got it put together, & it’s filling up now! 🙌🏼 It’s going to be so nice to relax in the pool together as a family. We don’t go to public pools or swim with crowds. It’ll be nice to be able to privately swim in our backyard, & keep our modest preferences. It’s only about an inch deep right now. Before long it’ll be 4 foot deep! 😃 As any Mommy, I’m a little nervous about it being so deep. Definitely will be upgrading on a better life jacket for my little guy. I’m sure lots of lectures & prayers will be said around this pool. 😜

I better hop off here & get the roast in the crockpot for supper. Y’all take care!



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