Good Ole Cow Chasing

My hubby & oldest are called to catch cattle for people, or to doctor them. Yesterday, they saddled up two horses, we loaded up 3 bay dogs & off we went. 
They had tried to catch this cow on Monday but, it came a huge downpour. She got out in the woods, & they couldn’t see well enough to find her.

Round 2, our bay dogs. We brought 3: Yellow Dog (nope I didn’t name him. 🙄), Maisie (our blue-eyed beauty), & my dog, Jingle Bells (my youngest named her. Bet you can’t guess what month she was born! Lol).

Jingle Bells

caption width="1730" id="attachment_240" align="alignnone"] Maisie [/caption]<
caption width="2377" id="attachment_239" align="alignnone"] Yellow Dog[/caption]<

hile the guys (and dogs) caught the cow, little man & I made friends with the donkeys. The young one was yawning, not trying to eat us! 😂

In other news, my chicks are getting big & my garden is poducing pretty good. I’ve got to go help catch & wean some calves before Church.

I’m very blessed & happy to be a Child Of God. Take care.



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