Crazy busy weekend!

Y’all I’ve seriously tried writing multiple times, & it’s just not worked out! We went out of town to work rodeos Friday & Saturday. I still feel like I’m playing catch up on sleep & chores! 

Hubby bringing in Ole Glory.

We had a great time. My son & husband help friends who put on rodeos occasionally. I enjoy going when I can. Everything went well, & we had fun except for the “vintage” aka very outdated motel we slept in Friday night. That was intense. Lol. The water was “almost warm”, & the bed spreads were see through. We borrowed pillows & bedding from our friend’s camper & made do. We were so tired that we barely noticed the springs poking us through the mattress. 🙄😂 Seriously, we slept well. Exhaustion will do that to you. 😉

I have loved going out to my garden each day & finding veggies begging to be picked! 😍 I need to do some serious weeding soon though. It’s amazing how fast weeds pop up! 😩 

Today’s veggies.

I better get some sleep. 5:30 will come way too soon. Take care & count your blessings. 


A few of the Rodeo crew.

#OleGlory #Rodeo #Garden #gardening #veggies #Motel


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