Busy weekend!

We’ve been in the hay this weekend. So thankful to have the first cutting finished! Of course, seems like something always breaks when in the hay field. This year, it was the baler. Hubby took it apart & finally got in running again. I was praying hard too. We had to finish our hay this weekend to start on someone else’s tomorrow. Praise the Lord, ours got completed on schedule. 🙌🏼

I enjoyed the family time, even though it was crazy busy. We ate lunch on the porch of our little cabin at the farm. (Both yesterday & today after Church.) Picnic style, enjoying the view. We are so blessed. 

I got to work in the garden & mow the yard some too. I also taught this morning in Children’s Church. We had a great lesson on Prayer. I found an amazing object lesson on Pinterest using skittles. The kids enjoyed watching the colors change during the experiment. 

Ready or not, tomorrow is Monday. 😩😉 I better get off of here, & get some sleep. Hope you have a blessed week. God bless. ~A

#hay #garden #tractors #family #church 


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