Country cooking. 

My man works shutdowns at power plants & travels some. He’s home for the summer so, I’ve been cooking 3 meals a day. I’ve managed to finally conquer gravy for biscuits! (Yes, I’m sure my granny would be proud! Especially, if I was to start making her chocolate gravy! Yum!!!)

 I enjoy cooking but, nothing too fancy. I consider myself a country cook. You know what I mean? Meat & tators are almost always on the menu. Lol. Before Church tonight, I made fresh beef steak, mashed potatoes, biscuits, & baked squash. (Baked French fries for the boys.) It was delicious! 

I guess when I cook, I go back to my childhood memories. Sitting around the table, everyone bowing their heads while my Daddy or Poppa prayed. Passing the dishes around, & everyone filling their plates full to running over. 

What are some of your favorite childhood memories or meals? 


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