Busy life. 

We have been so busy, I’ve not written in a while. I hope all of you are enjoying your summer so far! My husband is still struggling getting over bronchitis. We ended up back at the doctor’s office last week; they did an X-ray & he got more meds. 

This past weekend, my husband & oldest worked a rodeo with the McCarson family. One of my husband’s horses stumbled in the deep sand while cutting a steer to pen up. It wouldn’t have been a big deal, except when the horse went down, it was near the fence. The horse went down, penning hubby against the fence for a moment. It knocked the breath out of him a couple minutes. He sat on his knees trying to catch his breath. I headed to him praying all the way. He stood up & walked out leading our horse by that time I got to him. He’s got bruised ribs, a black eye, & his nose bled for a minute. Bronchitis & bruised ribs don’t go together, in case you don’t know. Poor guy is miserable but, he’s still working hard as always. The next night, he rode & worked the rodeo again. Then on Sunday, he went &  helped catch a bull for someone. Today, he’s hauling some equipment for another guys. He’s as tough as nails. I’m so proud to be his wife. 

Hubby carrying Ole Glory.
My garden is growing like crazy. I’ve got lots of green tomatoes growing, little yellow squash, zucchini, & bell peppers. Lettuce is still growing strong. My spinach didn’t do too well this year but, is still trying to hang on. We’ve had so much rain! Yesterday, 4 of my little tomato plants were about blown over in the rain & wind. We had to add more dirt & put cages around them. I think they’ll be ok. These pics are a week or two old. My veggies have grown some since these pics were taken. 

I need to go grocery shopping, feed all my animals, & go to town. Y’all have a blessed week! ~A

#Rodeo #family #garden #OldGlory


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