Garden blessings & farm. 

My bell peppers are growing nicely. I love checking on my garden each day. God’s handiwork & beauty amazes me. 

Behind the strawberries, I have tomatoes & zucchini squash. Squash is definitely my favorite garden blessing. Last year, squash bugs completely murdered all my plants after only a handful of picking. So, this year….I planted a couple in tires, a couple in a pallet, & several in pots. Lol. I carefully positioned them all in different areas. Hopefully, the bugs will choose a plant or two & leave the others. Let us all pause a moment & beg God’s protection over our gardens. 😉🙏🏼😋

Here are a few pictures of our horses that I snapped this weekend.  

Here a young horse is asking where the rest of his feed is. 🤷‍♀️

My 6 year old told my husband his pony needed her “toe nails” trimmed. Lol. 

My oldest riding his horse bareback with a halter. 😍

I took this photo from my deck Saturday morning. It’s so peaceful drinking coffee & watching our animals grazing lazily. 

I’ve got to get supper going & head out to Church soon. I hope you all have a blessed Memorial Day. We are so thankful to all those who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. May God bless those who are currently serving as well. 🇺🇸



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