My Youngest 

My youngest child is a big handful of adorableness. He’s as different as day & night from my oldest son. This child has been jumping off of porches & corral panels  since he was two, giving me multiple heart failures. One of his favorite places to sit is in a tree stand out by the chickens & arena. 

He’s got a unique personality & stubborn streak a mile long. (Stubbornness inherited from my husband. 😉) This morning I made him homemade muffins. He LOVES those nasty store bought ones. I had fresh blueberries & decided to try the healthier route. B took a bite & declared them terrible. (You must have tough skin & be laid back to talk to this kid. Lol) I encouraged him to try another bite with a blueberry in it. He took another bite & said it was pretty good but, raw. (Juicy lol) The next bite he ate & then, took another. I asked him if he liked it now. He replied: Yes but, only the blueberry & this part. (Pointing to the breaded part.) Me: ok just eat those parts then. 😂 This kid. Smh. 

Yesterday, I walked into my bathroom to see the tin star had been removed, & a piece of toilet paper hanging on the wall. I don’t even blink anymore. This kid, y’all! 🤷‍♀️

Oh & did I mention that he also stuffed the clothes he’d been wearing into the little bathroom trashcan as well? Last night, we went to the movies. I had him get ready for bed, when we got home. I found the clothes & new wall decor after he went to bed. 🤦🏼‍♀️Most of the time, I don’t even ask why anymore. I did ask about the clothes this morning since, I’m writing this. He said he did it just because, “he wanted to”. There you have it folks, my youngest is my amazing little handful of all boy! 


#BoyMomma #StayAtHomeMommaFarmer


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