It’s that time of year, where we catch our horses for hubby & my oldest to use at rodeos. My husband is in from work for the summer, & will be working a few rodeos. They’ll start working the first weekend in June. So, we loaded up in two trucks, & headed to the farm. 

When we drive around the farm in just our trucks, the horses will try to get in the windows to beg or be pet. 

But, if they see or hear our stock trailer…..the race is ON!!! 

They did a complete turn & headed away from us, before we ever got completely parked! Lol. They don’t care how much feed you have! If you have a trailer, they are out of there. Rascals! They like that knee high grass right now. They are all fat & sassy. 😉

But, in the end…we caught the four we needed & headed home. Hubby did a little foot work on them. He’s working cattle for someone in the morning. We got them all ready & in the arena, to be caught easily in the morning.  Hopefully, Everyone behaves & cooperates for a safe & easy day. (Easy? On a farm?!?! I know but, I can pray it so.) 

Have a blessed weekend & Happy Memorial Day. Thankful for those who have given their lives for our freedom. 🇺🇸 ~A

#horses #farm #MemorialDay 


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