Hubby Needs me. 

My Saturday wasn’t exactly as I expected but, God kept us in His palm. I was cooking lunch, & hubby text me from work. (He’s working 2 hours away right now.) He’d not been feeling well & needed me to come down to take him to a clinic. Let me explain something, my husband doesn’t go to the dr unless he’s BAD. 

I pulled chicken out of the oven, turned the stove off, threw on clothes (yes I was still in my pjs!), packed the boys a bag for my parents’ house, me a bag “just in case”. We headed to my parents. I tossed the boys out practically & hit the road. 

The second thing you should understand, I HATE driving & only drive locally in our small town areas. UNLESS hubby or a family member needs  me. Let me be honest, I get very nervous about getting lost (I’m the most directionally challenged person you could ever meet.), & I’m not that great of a driver. Lol.

 Anyways, I met hubby at his camper. I took him to the clinic to get him checked out. Turns out he has a bad case of bronchitis. Very bad. His oxygen level was so low, they thought the machine was messed up. They immediately did a breathing treatment & shot, within a few minutes of putting us in a room. Thank God, his oxygen level went up after that. We left the clinic with strong antibiotics, steroids, an inhaler, & cough meds. 

I stayed at the camper with him last night. This morning, I followed him home. He’s laid off until Tuesday, dr’s orders. I love having him close by. So thankful he’s doing well, & I get some extra time with him. 

I’m counting my blessings & feeling very thankful. God is our Healer & Provider. 🙌🏼



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