Funny Farm Chaos

If you have a farm or homestead, you know that it’s absolutely NEVER boring! Sometimes I pray for boring days. πŸ˜‚ 

Yesterday, Jingle Bells, my blue heeler, decided to take her role as protector seriously. πŸ™„ I walked outside to start feeding & heard my cat, Fiddlesticks, meow from under a toy. (He likes to nap under my son’s race car toy.) I went on passed the toy but, was talking to him. I get to the shop door & hear a new momma hen squawking & flogging something. Fiddlesticks & Jingle follow me everywhere & when Fiddlesticks headed towards me, Momma hen thought he was stalking her baby. 🐣 I hollered at the hen & headed towards my cat, who was just standing there stunned. πŸ˜‚

 Well, my protector, Jingle Bells, dove in when I yelled. 😳 Jingle knows she’s not supposed to hurt the chickens or bother eggs so, she just “held” the psycho momma hen while I rescued the cat. I carried the cat to the shop door & called for Jingle to “let go now”. She released the unharmed hen & came to my side. The hen told us off for awhile then, went back to find her chick. 
Although, I’m not a fan of Jingle Bells grabbing my hens, I’m hopeful she’d grab a bad guy as well. Apparently, my guard dog is just a yell away. Lol. 

#blueheeler #cat #hen #chickens


2 thoughts on “Funny Farm Chaos

    1. Heavenabovehorse Post author

      We didn’t know she had this protective instinct until another hen tried to flog my son when we were moving her & her chicks to a safer spot. He yelped in surprise. She grabbed the hen gently & held her until we got the babies safely moved. I guess you’d say she’s self taught. Lol. I’m just thankful she hasn’t hurt the hens! And hopefully, if anyone ever tried to harm us, she’d protect us.

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