My crazy life. 

You know what? My life is crazy but, I’m completely ok with that! My boys are rambunctious & loud. My animals are mischievous & troublesome at times. I don’t always accomplish everything I’d like each day. Some days I do too much, & I’m exhausted. lol. Crazy, sporadic patterns in our farm life. God is good, & I am blessed. 

My husband works hard to provide for us. I’m so very happy in the midst of chaos. We are thankful to have our garden & food I put up. My husband & oldest hunt for freezer when he’s able during seasons. 

Tonight, the eve of Mother’s Day, I’m counting my many blessings. Thankful to have been raised in a Pastor’s home with amazing parents. God has been so good to me. I hope all of you Mommies out there have an amazing day tomorrow. 


#BoyMomma #cowboy #garden #MothersDay #Farm


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