Our pig enjoying her new mud puddle.

The first half of the day, I was running errands. It was nasty & raining this morning & then, was beautiful for a couple hours.

 I get home & put away the groceries before heading outside. I go into the shop & start gathering up my feed in my coffee can scoops. I hear the heavens open. I’m talking about a monsoon type of rain! Loud booming thunder follows it. I’m in the cozy shop with my silkie chicks so, they got fed at least. Lol.  I finally got an empty feed sack & made a mad dash to the house. By the time the rain eased up a bit, I had to grab the boys at the bus stop. We went on & fed at our farm. (8 miles up the road) before coming back home & feeding here. It sprinkled steadily on us but, we got it done.  
 I’m hoping my garden doesn’t drown! The seedlings were looking great yesterday. Today…..they are slightly over-watered. Lol. Here’s a snapshot of my latest strawberries. 😍

Strawberry blessings.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend. 


#pig #Homesteading #strawberries


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