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Our pig enjoying her new mud puddle.

The first half of the day, I was running errands. It was nasty & raining this morning & then, was beautiful for a couple hours.

 I get home & put away the groceries before heading outside. I go into the shop & start gathering up my feed in my coffee can scoops. I hear the heavens open. I’m talking about a monsoon type of rain! Loud booming thunder follows it. I’m in the cozy shop with my silkie chicks so, they got fed at least. Lol.  I finally got an empty feed sack & made a mad dash to the house. By the time the rain eased up a bit, I had to grab the boys at the bus stop. We went on & fed at our farm. (8 miles up the road) before coming back home & feeding here. It sprinkled steadily on us but, we got it done.  
 I’m hoping my garden doesn’t drown! The seedlings were looking great yesterday. Today…..they are slightly over-watered. Lol. Here’s a snapshot of my latest strawberries. 😍

Strawberry blessings.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend. 


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Garden goodies!

Garlic for my fall crop is poking its head out in a couple spots.


I’m so excited to see my garden seeds starting to pop up. Today, I discovered corn, cantaloupe, garlic, sunflowers 🌻 & marigolds are peeking out!

  God amazes me by how talented He is. The way He takes a tiny seed, & makes it into something beautiful. I feel so blessed to be able to have a garden. Here are a few pics I snapped today. It includes 7 strawberries I picked. 😍

carrots at various sizes.

cantaloupes are starting to peek out.

7 freshly picked strawberries.

I hope all of you are having a great evening. I better get my boys fed & get us ready for Church. 


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Never boring around here. 

A couple weeks ago my bottle calves from last year, were escaping to the neighbor’s field. (The grass is always greener on the other side I guess?) On Saturday, a couple of our dogs got into it. (Who knows why?!) 

Yesterday evening, it was our pig escaping her pen. No matter what is going on, I can guarantee you….it WON’T be boring! 

My silkie & buff Orphington chicks are growing. The silkies are getting their peach fuzz “feathers” in & are looking quite comical. 

I’ve also been working to get my garden in the ground. I’ve already gotten a few strawberries from the plants I put in last year. I’m hopeful they’ll produce abundantly this year! I’m praying for yummy desserts & jelly. 😍

I hope you all have a blessed week. I’ve got to fold a couple baskets of laundry, & head to a tball game soon. 


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Farm Life. 

Here’s our newest baby on the farm. We’ve also added 12 white silkie chicks & 10 barn yard mix chicks, & a few more on the way! 

Our strawberries are growing beautifully! I can not wait to taste them! This is their second year. Last year, the few we got were so amazingly good! 

 I’m trying to get my big garden spot completed. I expanded it this year so, I’m still working on it. I’ve got things ready to go in the ground the morning moment I decide it’s finished. I did get some garlic, sweet potatos, & cataloupe in today though. That’s a start! 😃

Many blessings to you. 


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God help the hurting. 

A family that I grew up with lost their 2 year old daughter this week.

 I. Can’t. Even. 

Tonight as I walked through that Church during visitation, my heart broke for them. This is a sweet family who loved their babies & are a blessing to the community. The daddy is my son’s tball coach. The mommy is a teacher at our school. The middle daughter is in my son’s kindergarten class. The grandma is the Elementary principal. (Also was my 4th grade teacher back in the day!) 

Please, whisper a prayer for this family as they lay their baby girl to rest in the morning. I’m very proud & blessed to be a part of a small town that rallies around the hurting & needy. May God strengthen all those who’ve faced recent losses. 


Anti-cat people gets cat. 

When I was about 13, my grandparents got me a kitten. I’m pretty sure it was possessed. That thing hated us. It climbed the curtain to sit in the window seal & hissed for hours. Lol. I let it outside a day or two later & never saw it again. That was the day I decided, I hated cats. 

Fast forward 34 years……. I got a cat last week. He showed up on our farm (8 miles away  a month ago.) My mother in law let him stay, & he moused around the shed & barn. He kinda grew on us anti-cat people, & we brought him home. My 6 year old named him, Fiddlesticks. He thinks he’s a King & is completely rotten already. When his food bowl is empty, he meows once, looks at the bowl, & back at me. I’m pretty sure he tells me off with his single “meow”.

 Today, I got him a toy. It’s a little mouse that squeaks. He looked at it, looked at me, & went to his bed. He completely ignores it!  When I go to the barn each night, he follows me now. (The hunting dogs we have are not impressed.) Tonight, he goes to the back corner of the barn, while I’m feeding the bottle calf. He sticks his nose through a hole then, takes off straight towards me chasing something! Yep, a mouse. A real one, not a cute toy! I screamed, almost dropped hubby (via phone), & my pj/boot clad self about climbed the barn stall. 🤣Goodness! Fiddlesticks (aka Your Highness), a little warning, please! Dark barns, mice, & a talented cat= heart failure.

 P.S. I can’t believe I love this cat! 😍

God bless,