It only snowed once here this winter…..until today. This afternoon, it started with sleet which turned into snowed & is still snowing. The last time I checked, we were between 4-5 inches! I had to go cover my new blackberry vine & put my strawberries back under straw this morning. Lol. 

Under this straw are my strawberries which were getting bloomd already!

The weathermen were calling for under an inch. Anyone surprised that they missed it, again?! I love it when God shows off His abilities in weather control. Let’s see, we have had tornado warnings 2 nights, 70 degree temperatures a couple days, soaking rain once day, & low temps & lots of snow… the same week! 

My front deck when the snow first began.

My deck a couple hours ago.

The snow is so beautiful! I’m about to get bundled up and go feed my bottle calf. Did I mention, it’s STILL snowing?! We may get to make Snow cream this year after all! (Eeeeekkkkkk!!!!)

I hope you all have a blessed evening & a wonderful Sunday. 



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