Homemade Bread

This afternoon, I tried a French Bread recipe before I picked the boys up from the bus stop. (It almost made me late! Ooops!) I’ve made bread a few times before. The Amish friendship bread (the kind with the starter that you share) and also a plain white bread. This was the first time to make French bread though. It was very simple & made my house smell heavenly! At the end of the recipe, it said you may add herbs & cheese if you prefer. I chose to add cheddar cheese & garlic salt to mine.  

I have to say that I was impressed. It was very easy to make but, most of all, my very picky children ate it! My youngest ate three pieces!!! Cha Ching! Momma needs a medal! Lol. If you don’t have picky eaters, you’ll not understand the magnitude of finding a new food they’ll eat. Praise the Lord for this brilliant bread! 

Here is the link to see the recipe. (I found it off Pinterest but, it was originally written on WordPress!) https://urbanstrawberries.wordpress.com/2011/10/10/french-bread-quick-and-easy/amp/




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