That Friend. 

Let’s face it, true friends are far & few between. There are lots of “friends” who say they’ll be there for you but, when you need them….where’d they go? This friend I’ve know since 3rd grade. We became closer a few years ago when I switched Church’s to where she was going. 

This friend is game for anything! Lol. She’s helped me garden, helped me can my vegetables last year, we have picked up each other’s kids at school…..I could go on & on! I know she’s got my back. I know that I can call her, & she will show up. Shoot, we even coupon together late at night to avoid crowds! Lol. 

Here’s the best example of her flexibility: I had milk cows last year that I milked twice a day. (Praise the Lord, I traded them off for meat cows so I don’t have to live in the barn. Can I get an Amen?!) Anyways, my bottle calves were weaned towards the end, & I started milking Ginger with my milking machine. Well, Ginger preferred baby calves, unlike Carmel who preferred the milker. Ginger had a habit of backing up so the hoses would come off or, she’d step on the hoses & pull them off. She was smart & would look over at me with her big ole eyes as if to say, Haha! Well, Ginger underestimated my friend. I called her, she grabbed her tools, fence posts, & some lumber. She marched into my barn & built me a milking stall to hold my rotten milk cow in place. Lol. It worked! Ginger wasn’t impressed of course but, she had to stand still & be milked. 

Yep, I have the best friend. She’s up for any challenge. Always ready to help out or lend a listening ear. I hope you are as blessed as I am with THAT friend.

 Y’all take care. ~A

#milkcow #bff


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