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Spring babies. 

I had a hen hatch 10 chicks in an old dog box by my back deck. She is a proud mommy. Nine babies are doing well. One chick was born with bad legs & lived one day. They are so adorable! I have another hen who should be hatching her babies any day now. 

Farm life. 

We bought some bantams & Orphington chicks today. B is so excited! 

Today, I was feeding my calves & turned around to see my 6 year old helper taking it easy. Love this kid! lol 

My boys helping gather the calves we worked this past Saturday. So proud of them. They love working on the farm with us. 

Here’s another pic of them following the calves to the holding pen. 

Here is B taking it easy while we worked calves. He’s chilling with the farm cat. 

I hope all your animals are healthy, & all your seedlings are growing strong. May God bless your homes abundantly as He has mine. 



I enjoyed finding these beauties yesterday. I love my chickens so much. I got a double yoker, a large brown one, & a tiny egg from one of silkies mix hens. 

Look at the double yoked in my hand. It’s huge! Lol. 

I hope you all have a blessed day. 



It only snowed once here this winter…..until today. This afternoon, it started with sleet which turned into snowed & is still snowing. The last time I checked, we were between 4-5 inches! I had to go cover my new blackberry vine & put my strawberries back under straw this morning. Lol. 

Under this straw are my strawberries which were getting bloomd already!

The weathermen were calling for under an inch. Anyone surprised that they missed it, again?! I love it when God shows off His abilities in weather control. Let’s see, we have had tornado warnings 2 nights, 70 degree temperatures a couple days, soaking rain once day, & low temps & lots of snow… the same week! 

My front deck when the snow first began.

My deck a couple hours ago.

The snow is so beautiful! I’m about to get bundled up and go feed my bottle calf. Did I mention, it’s STILL snowing?! We may get to make Snow cream this year after all! (Eeeeekkkkkk!!!!)

I hope you all have a blessed evening & a wonderful Sunday. 


Homemade Bread

This afternoon, I tried a French Bread recipe before I picked the boys up from the bus stop. (It almost made me late! Ooops!) I’ve made bread a few times before. The Amish friendship bread (the kind with the starter that you share) and also a plain white bread. This was the first time to make French bread though. It was very simple & made my house smell heavenly! At the end of the recipe, it said you may add herbs & cheese if you prefer. I chose to add cheddar cheese & garlic salt to mine.  

I have to say that I was impressed. It was very easy to make but, most of all, my very picky children ate it! My youngest ate three pieces!!! Cha Ching! Momma needs a medal! Lol. If you don’t have picky eaters, you’ll not understand the magnitude of finding a new food they’ll eat. Praise the Lord for this brilliant bread! 

Here is the link to see the recipe. (I found it off Pinterest but, it was originally written on WordPress!)



Crazy hen.

We were getting to leave home to run errands, & my truck loving hen jumped into the back. I shooed her off the hay fork & climb inside. I look back at my husband loading tires then, turn toward the front to find her on the hood telling us off. Lol. She’s determined, I’ll give her that. She thinks my truck belongs to her. She loves playing in the back, laying an egg occasionally on the hay strings, or sitting on the hydraulic hay fork. I’m thinking, she desires to be a farmer. 

Chasing Hay

We have a few long horns in our herd. When unrolling hay, they love to get in the path. I hate it when I’m alone feeding & trying to unroll a bale with cattle blocking the path. I think they do it on purpose! Especially, when they throw hay at me with their horns! Lol. I’ll have the bale going good, & one of them will walk in front of it! It stops it still. 

 Today, my husband & boys were able to help me. My boys think it’s the greatest! They don’t mind it a bit when the Cattle block the path. They laugh & run after it. Maybe if I still had their energy, I’d love it too! 

I hope you all have a great night & a blessed Sunday. ~A

Seed babies. 

Do you remember that feeling when your babies took their first step or said, “Momma”? Planting seeds is a similar feeling for me. Lol. I woke up this morning so excited to see my seedlings popping there heads up! I can’t stop grinning! It’s almost like they are shouting, “Look, mom! I’m here!” I keep checking on them over & over. What am I afraid of? That they’ll disappear?! Stop laughing at me! I’m so happy! I was starting to have the panicky feeling that they’d never show themselves. 

JCome on Spring, I’m ready to start gathering veggies! I can’t wait until I can start adding fresh vegetables & sweet strawberries to our meals. I’m also looking forward to canning more this year. I hope y’all have a blessed day!


That Friend. 

Let’s face it, true friends are far & few between. There are lots of “friends” who say they’ll be there for you but, when you need them….where’d they go? This friend I’ve know since 3rd grade. We became closer a few years ago when I switched Church’s to where she was going. 

This friend is game for anything! Lol. She’s helped me garden, helped me can my vegetables last year, we have picked up each other’s kids at school…..I could go on & on! I know she’s got my back. I know that I can call her, & she will show up. Shoot, we even coupon together late at night to avoid crowds! Lol. 

Here’s the best example of her flexibility: I had milk cows last year that I milked twice a day. (Praise the Lord, I traded them off for meat cows so I don’t have to live in the barn. Can I get an Amen?!) Anyways, my bottle calves were weaned towards the end, & I started milking Ginger with my milking machine. Well, Ginger preferred baby calves, unlike Carmel who preferred the milker. Ginger had a habit of backing up so the hoses would come off or, she’d step on the hoses & pull them off. She was smart & would look over at me with her big ole eyes as if to say, Haha! Well, Ginger underestimated my friend. I called her, she grabbed her tools, fence posts, & some lumber. She marched into my barn & built me a milking stall to hold my rotten milk cow in place. Lol. It worked! Ginger wasn’t impressed of course but, she had to stand still & be milked. 

Yep, I have the best friend. She’s up for any challenge. Always ready to help out or lend a listening ear. I hope you are as blessed as I am with THAT friend.

 Y’all take care. ~A

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Farm Boys

I love raising my boys on a farm. Knowing they understand the value of hard work is something a lot of youth don’t get. My boys love riding, chasing cattle, helping with the garden, & having a little fun when the work is finished. 

Last year, I raised 22 bottle calves. Here are a few pics of my boys riding my calf, Big Red. 

We are very thankful for our farm & family time. God bless. ~A